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The Hinayana school of Buddhism* has its sacred canon in Pali, mainly in Tipitaka. The Mahayana school of Buddhism has its sacred literature in Skt.; it includes Saddharmapundarika (“Lotus of Good Religion” [or “of the Good Law”; or “of the True Doctrine”]), Sukhavativyuha (“Detailed Account of the Land of Bliss”), Prajnaparamita (“Perfection of Wisdom”), and Lankavatara Sutra (“Narrative of an incarnation [of Buddha] in Ceylon”; recognized text of the Zen school). Hinduism* began under influence of the Vedas,* the Rig-Veda alone consisting of ca. 1,000 hymns addressed to the gods during sacrifice. Later Hindu religious literature includes the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and 18 Puranas (which deal with cosmogony, hist., and religious philos.). See also Church of Christ, Scientist; Confucianism, 2; Holy Scripture; Islam, 2; Judaism; Latter Day Saints; Shastras.

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