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Regensburg Conference

(also called colloquy and diet). Continuation of Colloquy of Worms*; held April 1541 to restore religious unity in Germany. RC discussants: J. Gropper,* J. v. Pflug,* J. Eck*; evangelicals: M. Bucer,* J. Pistorius the elder (see Pistorius, 2), and P. Melanchthon.* Papal legates G. Contarini* and G. Morone* were also present. Discussions were based on the Regensburg* Book. There was agreement on the first 4 arts. (man before the Fall, free will, cause of sin, original sin); partial agreement on justification; no agreement on doctrinal authority, hierarchy, discipline, sacraments. Charles* V tried in vain to induce the Prots. to accept the disputed arts. Mutual agreement to refer settlement of remaining differences to a gen. council was included in the imperial summation of the conf. (Reichstagsabschied) as Regensburg Interim.

Another conf. was held at Regensburg early 1546 in an unsuccessful effort to overcome differences. RCs present included E. Billick,* J. Cochlaeus,* J. Hoffmeister,* P. de Malvenda*; Prots.: J. Brenz,* M. Bucer,* G. Major,* E. Schnepf.* Failure of the conf. was soon followed by the Schmalkaldic* War. See also Diaz, Juan; Dietrich, Veit; Draconites, Johann(es); Gualther, Rudolf; Pistorius, 2.

A conf. at Regensburg 1601 dealt with the question whether Scripture alone, without tradition, is the source and norm of faith and theol.; Prots. said Yes, RCs No. The gap was not bridged. Main spokesmen: A. Hunnius* for the Props., J. Gretser* and A. Tanner* for the RCs See also Tradition; Trent, Council of.

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