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1. Christian chs. in gen. were slow to realize the vast potential of owning and operating a radio station. In the early days of radio, facilities were available in abundance. The fed. govt. would have gladly assigned desirable frequencies to stations owned by denominations. But nearly all frequencies were soon assigned to commercial interests. Only a few denominations or congregations began to operate stations. Some of these soon discontinued operation; some became completely commercial; some became largely commercial, reserving only a small amount of time for religious broadcasts. It became nearly impossible for chs. to est. new AM stations. The advent of FM offered chs. a 2d chance.

2. Religious radio stations est. in the US have included:

Arkansas: KRLW-S. Bap. Coll., Walnut Ridge.

California: KFSG (FM: KKLA)-Echo Park Evangelistic Assoc., Los Angeles; KPPC-Pasadena Presb. Ch., Pasadena.

Colorado: KPOF-Pillar of Fire, Inc., Denver.

Illinois: WMBI (FM: WMBI-FM)-Moody Bible Institute, Chicago; WCBD-Christian Cath. Ch. Chicago.

Indiana: WGRE (FM)-DePauw U., Greencastle.

Iowa: KFGQ (FM: KFGQ-FM)-Boone Biblical Coll., Boone; KWLC-Luther Coll., Decorah.

Kentucky: WMTC-Kentucky Mountain Holiness Assoc., Van Cleve; WSDX (FM)-S Bap. Theol. Sem., Louisville.

Louisiana: KVOB (FM: KVOB-FM)-Cen. Louisiana Broadcasting Corp. (Louisiana Bap. Assoc.), Alexandria; WWL (FM: WWLH)-Loyola U., New Orleans.

Michigan: WMRP-Meth. Radio Parish, Inc., Flint; WMPC-Liberty Street Gospel Ch. of Lapeer, Lapeer.

Minnesota: KTIS (FM: KTIS-FM)-Northwestern Theol. Sem. and Bible Training School, Minneapolis; WCAL (FM: WCAL-FM)-St. Olaf Coll., Northfield.

Missouri: KFUO (FM: KFUO-FM)-The Luth. Ch.-Mo. Syn., Clayton. See also 3.

New Jersey: WSOU (FM)-Seton Hall Coll., South Orange; WAWZ-Pillar of Fire, Zarephath.

New York: WKBW-WKBW, Inc. (Churchill Tabernacle), Buffalo; WBBR-Watch Tower Bible and Tract Soc., Inc., New York

Rhode Island: WPTL-Providence Bible Institute, Providence.

Texas: KMHB (FM)-Mary Hardin-Baylor Coll., Belton; KWBU-Baylor U. (Bap. Gen. Conv. of Texas), Corpus Christi; KYBS (FM)-Bap. Gen. Conv. of Texas, Dallas; KSMU (FM)-Southern Meth. U., Dallas; KELP-Paso Broadcasting Co., Inc. (Richey Evangelistic Assoc.), El. Paso; KHBL (FM)-Wayland Bap. Coll., Plainview; KFTW-Southwestern Bap. Theol. Sem., Fort Worth.

Virginia: WBBL-Grace Covenant Presb. Ch., Richmond.

Washington: KTW-1st Presb. Ch., Seattle; KGA-Gonzaga U., Spokane.

3. KFUO, “The Gospel Voice,” St. Louis, Missouri, was dedicated December 14, 1924. It had a 500-watt transmitter. Control room and studio were in the attic of Conc. Sem. on S. Jefferson Ave. The cost of $14,000 was covered by sem. students and mems. of the LLL, Walther League, and others. 1st radio committee: J. H. C. Fritz* and W. A. Maier.* The St. Louis Luth. Publicity Organization appropriated an annual sum toward maintenance of the station. At first the station broadcast 2 hrs. a week. H. H. Hohenstein* became full-time dir. 1925. In 1927 the station moved to the new campus, 801 De Mun Ave., Clayton (suburb of St. Louis), and was rebuilt for $50,000 contributed by the LLL The new plant was dedicated May 29, 1927, and given to the Mo. Syn. It had a 1,000-watt transmitter; broadcast hrs. were increased to ca. 30 a week. In 1940 the Fed. Communications Commission granted KFUO a new frequency, with full daytime broadcasting privileges, from 80 1/2 to 102 1/2 hrs. a week; this led to erection of a new tower and antenna system, enlargement and renovation of the radio bldg., and installation of a 5,000-watt transmitter; later the bldg. was enlarged and FM added.

4. KFUO helps promote religious broadcasting over other stations. It also promotes Nat. Luth. Radio and TV Week. HHH

See also Radio Voice of the Gospel.

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