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Radio and Television Evangelism, Network.

1. Religious broadcasting began January 2, 1921, when Edwin Jan van Etten (1884–1956), rector Calvary Episc. Ch., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, conducted an Epiphany service over Station KDKA, Pittsburgh.

2. Religious broadcasts over networks were common by the 1950s.

3. Policies of the various radio and TV networks differ and have been changed repeatedly. NBC and ABC gave free time to Prots. (but not, as a rule, to individual denominations), RCs, and Jews. CBS est. the Columbia Ch. of the Air, giving time on successive Suns. to representatives of various denominations in approximate proportion to their numerical strength in the US MBS also gave considerable time for religious programs.

4. NBC, ABC, and MBS also made time available for purchase.

5. Sponsored network radio religious broadcasts have included The Lutheran Hour, Bringing Christ to the Nations (Oswald C. J. Hoffmann, b. 1913; see also 6 and 7); The Hour of Decision (Billy Graham, b. 1918); The Old Fashioned Revival Hour (founded 1925 by Charles Edward Fuller,* 1887–1968; Bap. evangelist; b. Los Angeles, California); The Voice of Prophecy (Harold Marshall Sylvester Richards, 1894– ). See also World Confessional Lutheran Association.

Religious network TV programs (sustaining) have included Frontiers of Faith (NBC); Lamp unto My Feet (CBS); Look Up and Live (CBS); Direction '63. Nationally distributed TV filmed programs have included This is the Life (Lutheran TV Productions Bd.; see also 8); Talk Back and Breakthru (TV, Radio, and Film Commission, The Meth. Ch.), Davey and Goliath (children's puppet program, LCA).

6. The Luth. Hour began 1930, was suspended 1931–35 (partly because of uncertain financial support), was heard in the 1970s in 125 lands over more than 1,500 stations.

7. Luth. Hour speakers: W. A. Maier* 1930–31, 1935–50; Lawrence Acker 1950–51; Armin C. Oldsen 1951–53; O. C. J. Hoffmann 1955–

8. This Is the Life (TV program), sponsored by LCMS, began 1952, spread to other countries including Can., Australia, the Philippines, Bermuda, Nigeria, and to Gibraltar. ERB

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