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1. Christians have pub. relations as a matter of fact and principle. Christianity and isolationism are a contradiction in terms. The ties that bind believers to Christ connect them to one another. Christians are not of this world, yet in this world; they are to be salt and light and by good works to invite unbelievers to give glory to the believers' Father who is in heaven.

2. In pub. relations the ch. tries to let the world know what the ch. is and does; sometimes that calls for correction of distorted information and impressions.

3. The ch. speaks as God's agent to the world. It echoes His judgment on sin and proclaims the mercy by which He forgives sin. The ch. also acts for Him in ministering His love and concern for men suffering under the burden which sin's curse brings.

4. In pub. relations terminology: the ch. by word and work creates a climate designed to make unbelievers receptive to the message and ministry of God. In doing so, reflecting in its own life the blessings of God, the ch. carries out God's plan. When Christians identify themselves with Christ and His Gospel, they by word and act convey God's judgment and forgiveness.

5. There are 2 audiences in the church's public. One is its own membership. Through internal pub. relations the ch. strives for the goals outlined Eph. 4:13: “to attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” To this end, congs. need to keep lines of communication open. Bonds of Christian fellowship can be strengthened, e.g., by personal contact, telephone calls, mail, various publications.

6. The other audience in the church's pub. is on the outside: all who are without Christ. The individual Christian touches part of this audience. The cong., denomination, and Christendom touch millions more.

7. The many channels through which the ch. can reach out to its audience at large include radio, TV, and the printed page. The overriding concern is for insistence reflecting God's saving purposes with integrity and dignity.

8. Christian stewardship requires time and effort devoted to programs for effective witness through all available means. Workshops, conferences, manuals, and professional books help all who lend themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities of the pub. relations of the church. AAW

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