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Publicity, Church.

Christ's miss. command Mt 28:19–20 calls for all-out efforts, including publicity, in the interest of worldwide missions; cf. Lk 14:23.

Publicity was part of early NT ch. work (Acts 2:1–11; 8:4; Ro 1:8). Paul was untiring in efforts to make the Gospel known far and wide.

Ch. publicity was mainly by the spoken and written word for many cents. The Reformation used the printing press as an instrument for publicity.

A Ger. Bible was printed 1743 Germantown, Pennsylvania, by Christopher Saur (Sauer; Sower; 1693–1758; b. Laasphe, Wittgenstein, Westphalia, Ger.; educ. Marburg and Halle; joined Ger. Bap. Brethren*; to Pennsylvania 1724; tailor, then farmer, then printer [1738]).

Luths. in Am. made early use of printing. The Henkel Press was est. at New Market, Virginia, ca. 1805 (see also Henkels, The, 2, 3). The Saxon forebears of the Mo. Syn. began issuing Der Lutheranzer 1844. See also Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, The, V, 2; Publication Houses, Lutheran.

Other types of publicity include ch. bulletin bds.; highway bulletin bds. and other kinds of signs; banners; flags; emblems;-statues; distinctive dress; special events; posters; window displays; radio; TV Practically all denominations have made effective use of publicity. EWG

See also American Lutheran Publicity Bureau; Radio and Television Evangelism, network; Religious Press in America; Religious Tract Movement.

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