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1. Fed. formed September 16, 1963, by Fed. of Malaya, state of Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah (formerly N. Borneo); mem. Brit. Commonwealth and UN Area: ca. 127,300 sq. mi. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, non-Malay indigenous peoples. Chief languages: Malay, Eng., Chinese, Tamil. Capital: Kuala Lumpur. Religious liberty granted; Islam dominant; other religions include Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Christianity, animism.

2. The name Malaya has been used to designate the Malay Peninsula, Brit. Malaya, and the Fed. of Malaya. Acc. to legend, the hist. of Malacca, the 1st Malay kingdom, begins ca. the middle of the 14th c. Captured 1511 by Port., who introd. Christianity; F. Xavier* was miss. there in the 1540s. Fell 1641 to the Dutch, who introd. Ref. Christianity but without miss. thrust. Ceded to Brit. 1824. W. Milne* was the 1st Prot. miss. in Malaya. The SPG entered Malaya 1848; the Presb. Ch. of Eng. 1851; Am. Meths. 1885, concentrating on schools. WW II interrupted miss. work; postwar work concentrated on New Villages. The Malayan Christian Council was organized 1948. The Council on Christian Literature for Overseas Chinese was est. 1951 with headquarters in Hong Kong.

3. Singapore, Rep. of. Island off S end of Malay Peninsula. Area: ca. 240 sq. mi. Formerly Brit. crown colony; full internal self-govt. 1959. Joined in Fed. of Malaysia 1963; withdrew 1965 and became an indep. rep. in the Brit. Commonwealth. Missions closely related to those of Malaya (see 2). The Soc. for the Promotion of Female Educ. in the East sent a worker to Singapore 1843. Trin. Coll., a theol. school est. 1948, is supported by Angls., Eng. Presbs., and Am. Meths. Singapore Theol. Sem. was founded 1952 by Chinese Christians.

4. Sarawak. Brit. protectorate 1888, occupied by Jap. in WW II, crown colony 1946; joined in Fed. of Malaysia 1963. Religion was mostly animist. CMS began work 1848. Am. Meths. began work 1901, organized the Sarawak Provisional Annual Conf. 1952; a Batak pastor began work among Dyaks 1938.

5. Sabah (former North Borneo). Brit. protectorate 1881; occupied by Jap. 1942–45; Brit. crown colony 1946; joined in Fed. of Malaysia 1963 as Sabah. Miss. work closely connected with that of Sarawak (see 4). The Basel Miss. Soc. was in N. Borneo before WW I. The Conservative Bap. For. Miss. Soc. (organized 1943; headquarters Wheaton, Illinois) resolved 1959 to enter N. Borneo.

6. For Malaysia in the sense of Malay Archipelago see Indonesia; New Guinea; Philippines. EL

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