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Luther Monuments.

Monuments of M. Luther* are found esp. in the cities where he was active. Among the earliest is that at Wittenberg created 1821 by Johann Gottfried Schadow (1764–1850; b. Berlin, Ger.; sculptor). The one at Worms, in a group of statues, was created 1868 by E. F. A. Rietschel*; a character study of the highest order, it shows Luther standing with his closed right hand resting on a closed Bible. He is surrounded by statues of other Reformation and pre-Reformation figures: G. Savonarola* seated at the front of the base, to Luther's right; J. Hus* similarly to Luther's left; P. Waldo (see Waldenses) and J. Wycliffe* similarly at the 2 rear corners of the base; Frederick* III (“the Wise”) standing on a separate pedestal at Luther's right in the foreground; similarly J. Reuchlin* at Luther's right in the background, Philip* of Hesse at his left in the foreground, and P. Melanchthon* at his left in the background; on a separate pedestal, to Luther's right, bet. Frederick III and Reuchlin is a seated figure, facing Luther, with the palm of peace, representing the city of Augsburg; similarly a seated figure at Luther's left, bet. Philip of Hesse and Melanchthon, represents mourning Magdeburg, and a seated figure behind Luther, bet. Reuchlin and Melanchthon, represents protesting Speyer. On the wall framing the entire group to Luther's right, rear, and left are emblems (left to right as you face the monument) of 1. Brunswick, 2. Bremen, 3. Konstanz, 4. Eisenach, 5. Eisleben, 6. Emden, 7. Erfurt, 8. Frankfurt, 9. Schwäbisch-Hall, 10. Hamburg, 11. Heilbronn, 12. Jena, 13. Königsberg, 14. Leipzig. 15. Lindau, 16. Lübeck, 17. Marburg, 18. Memmingen, 19. Nördlingen, 20. Riga, 21. Schmalkalden, 22. Strasbourg, 23. Ulm, 24. Wittenberg.

Other important statues in Ger. include one in Eisleben created 1883 by Rudolf Siemering (1835–1905; b. Königsberg, Ger.; sculptor) and the Luther-Melanchthon memorial in Leipzig, designed 1883 by Johannes Schilling (1828–1910; b. Mittweida, Ger.; sculptor).

Replicas of the Worms statue in the US include (1) one dating from 1883 in front of Luther Place Memorial Luth. Ch., Washington, D. C.; (2) one dating from 1903 at Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri; (3) one at Luther Coll., Decorah, Iowa; (4) one at Wartburg Sem., Dubuque, Iowa; (5) one at Conc. Coll., St. Paul, Minnesota; (6) one in Luther Memorial Park, Detroit, Michigan

The Luther statue that for nearly 20 yrs. was at Conc. Sem., Springfield, Illinois, was moved to Conc. Sem., Ft. Wayne, Indiana (see Ministry, Education of, X D), and rededicated September 11, 1977. Cast in Ger. by Friedrich Adolf Soeterbier, the 2-ton statue was a gift of alumni to the sem. 1957. It was refinished by Fred Petrucci, a Michigan sculptor. Four cornerstones of the main bldgs. on the Springfield campus (Craemer Hall, built 1929; the gymnasium, built 1949 and remodeled 1972; Van Horn Hall, built 1951; Wessel Hall, built 1953) form part of the statue's base. The statue is a replica of the younger Luther. All its lines draw attention to the face. Luther is portrayed in monk's garb made to resemble medieval armor. The Bible, pressed to Luther's heart, is opened for the world to see.

Other Luther statues in the US include (1) one by Hans Schuler (1874–1951; b. Morange, Lorraine, Ger.; to US 1880; sculptor) formerly (since 1936) in Druid Hill Park, since 1959 at 33d St. and Hillen Rd., near Lake Montebello, Baltimore, Maryland; (2) one at Lutheran Theol. Sem., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; (3) one by Walter Kirtland Hancock (b. 1901 St. Louis, Missouri; sculptor) in the “Washington Cathedral” (also known as Nat. [Prot. Episc.] Cathedral; Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul), Washington, D. C.

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