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Chytraeus, David

(Kochhafe; 1531–1600). B. Ingelfingen, Württemberg; studied law, philol., philos., and theol. at Tübingen (influenced by J. Camerarius,* E. Schnepf,* J. Heerbrand*), theol. at Wittenberg (under P. Melanchthon,* M. Luther,* P. Eber*); taught languages at Heidelberg 1546; returned to Tübingen 1547; lectured on rhetoric, astronomy, and Melanchthon's Loci communes at Wittenberg 1548; traveled abroad ca. 1550; prof. of religion 1551, theol. 1553 at Rostock. Present at Diets of Augsburg 1555 and 1566, Consultation of Worms* 1557; with other theologians at the 1561 Naumburg* Diet he warned against “the acceptance of the later editions” of the AC; wrote reactions of Rostock U. to Weimar* Confutation 1567; helped prepare Kirchenordnung for Lower and Upper Austria 1569, Styria 1574; mem. of consistory of Rostock 1570; rewrote articles on free will (II) and Lord's Supper (VII) for Swabian-Saxon Concordia 1574; one of 17 who prepared Torgau Book 1576; produced the Bergen Book with Jakob Andreä,* M. Chemnitz,* N. Selnecker,* A. Musculus,* and C. Cornerus*. Works include Chronicon Saxoniae; Historia Augustanae Confessionis; Commentaries. See also Lutheran Confessions, C 2. JWM

O. Krabbe, David Chytraeus (Rostock, 1870); J. W. Montgomery, Chytraeus on Sacrifice (St. Louis, 1962); T. Pressel, David Chyträus, in Leben und ausgewählte Schriften der Väter und Begründer der lutherischen Kirche, ed. J. Hartmann et al., VIII, in vol. 4 (Elberfeld, 1862).

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