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(Christi[a]na; 9th–10th c.). Legendary saint; d. on return from pilgrimage to Rome; buried on Dinkelsberg near Basel; chapel erected in her honor; pilgrimages to St. Chrischona popular in Middle Ages. C. F. Spittler* founded Pilgermission St. Chrischona (headquarters at St. Chrischona) primarily to train laymen for miss. work: colporteurs, city missionaries, evangelists, deacons, house-fathers, teachers, preachers (esp. in Am.) and missionaries (e.g., to Falasha*). One of its missioners est. the Syrian orphanage (Syrisches Weisenhaus) in Jerusalem. Connected with CIM since 1895. See also United Lutheran Church in America, The, Synods of, 28; Vetter, Jakob.

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