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Calixtus, Georg

(Callisen; 1586–1656). Father of F. U. Calixtus*; educ. Helmstedt; traveled in Ger., Neth., Eng., Fr. 1609–13; prof. theol. Helmstedt 1614; it became center of his irenic school. Patristic scholar; influenced by Melanchthon* (esp. his humanism); acquainted with Ref. scholars; tried to reestablish the consensus* quinquesaecularis by differentiating bet. fundamental and non-fundamental doctrines; separated dogmatics and ethics; followed analytic method in dogmatics; held that only doctrinal matter of Scripture is inspired, but writers kept from error also in other matters. At the 1645 Colloquy of Thorn* he sided with the Reformed. Calov characterized his doctrine as syncretistic. Works include Concordia evangeliorum; De praecipuis christianae religionis capitibus hodie controversis disputationes XV; Epitome theologiae; Epitome theologiae moralis. See also Dorsche, Johann Georg; Erbermann, Veit; Novators; Syncretism.

E. L. T. Henke, Georg Calixtus und seine Zeit, 2 vols. (Halle, 1853–60); H. Leube, Kalvinismus und Luthertum in Zeitalter der Orthodoxie, I (Leipzig, 1928); H. Schüssler, Georg Calixt: Theologie und Kirchenpolitik: Eine Studie zur Ökurnenizität des Luthertums (Wiesbaden, 1961); J. Wallmann. Der Theologiebegriff bei Johann Gerhard und Georg Calixt (Tübingen, 1961).

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