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Bataks are a vital energetic people in the region of Lake Toba in N Sumatra (see Indonesia, 4). H. Lyman* and 3. Munson,* Am. missionaries who made the first attempt to reach the fierce Bataks, were killed 1834 as they approached the first village.

L. I. Nommensen,* sent by Rhenish* Mission Soc. entered the land alone 1864; he baptized 4 men with their wives and children (August 27, 1865). In 1877 he est. a theol. training school. Nommensen tr. NT into language of the Bataks (1878) and P. H. Johannsen the OT (1894).

The Batak Prot. Christian Ch. (Huria Kristen Batak Protestant) adapted the adat (ethical code of the Bataks), but its Confession rejects it as the basis of the ch. The AC and Luther's SC were included as conf. bases in the 1930 const. The Batak ch. drew up its own conf. (Confession of Faith of the Huria Kristen Batak Protestant) for admission into the LWF in 1951, probably because of resurgent nationalism. The conf. presents Luth. doctrine.

An ordained pastor is usually in charge of 8 to 14 Batak congregations, each of which has its own teacher-preacher assisted by lay presbyters. At the head of the ch. is the ephor.* The ch. has an extensive school system. Nommensen U. was est. 1954.

The Pungan Kristen (Batak Christian Ch.) was est. Djakarta (Jakarta; formerly Batavia), NW coast of Java, 1927; joined LWF 1972.

See also Zending Batak.

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