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Zabarella, Francesco

(1360–1417). RC canonist and diplomat; b. Padua, It.; educ. Bologna; prof. Florence, Padua; archpriest Padua 1398; bp. Florence 1410; cardinal deacon at Rome 1411; advocate of reform; supported antipope John XXIII. Works include De schismate sui temporis; Commentaria in V libros Decretalium.

Zabarella, Giacomo

(Jacopo; 1533–89). Renaissance philos.; b. Padua, It.; prof. nat. philos. and logic Padua. Works include Opera logica; De rebus naturalibus.

Zacharias Scholasticus

(Scholastikos; Rhetor; of Mitylene [Mytilene]; d. probably bet. 536 and 553). B. Majuma(s) [Maiuma], near Gaza; studied in Alexandria and Beirut; lawyer Constantinople ca. 492; perhaps to be identified with the bp. of Mitylene (ca. 535–ca. 552); monophysite; known, with Aeneas* of Gaza and Procopius* of Gaza, as one of the Gaza Triad, or Gaza School. Works include a ch. hist. covering most of the 2d half of the 5th c.

Zachow, Friedrich Wilhelm

(Zachau; 1663–1712). B. Leipzig, Ger.; organist Liebfrauenkirche, Halle, Ger.; teacher of G. F. Handel.* Wrote organ works, ch. cantatas, and choral arrangements.

Zahn, Adolf

(1834–1900). Cousin of F. M. Zahn and T. v. Zahn; b. Mützenow, Pomerania; pastor Halle, Elberfeld, Stuttgart; wrote on hist. and OT; defended orthodoxy; opposed Biblical criticism. Works include Ernste Blicke in den Wahn der modernen Kritik des Alten Testaments; Israelitische und jüdische Geschichte; Abriss einer Geschichte der evangelischen Kirche auf dem europäischen Festlande im neunzehnten Jahrhundert.

Zahn, Franz Michael

(1833–1900). Brother of T. v. Zahn; cousin of A. Zahn; b. Moers, near Duisburg, Ger.; inspector of N. Ger. Missionary Soc. 1862; founder of Continental Missions Conference 1866. Works include Das erste Evangelium; Ein Gang durch die heilige Geschichte.

Zahn, Gottfried

(1705–58). Founder of orphanage at Bunzlau, which, however, was closed by his enemies 1753, while he and the teacher were imprisoned; but he won E. G. Woltersdorf* for his cause, and the king granted him a permit to open another orphanage 1754.

Zahn, Johannes Christoph Andreas

(1817–95). B. Eschenbach, Ger.; stud. theol. at Erlangen and Berlin; teacher at Lehrerseminar in Altdorf; lived in Neuendettelsau after retirement; prominent hymnologist and ch. musician. Ed. Vierstimmiges Melodienbuch zum Gesangbuch der ev.-luth. Kirche in Bayern; Die Melodien der deutschen evangelischen Kirchenlieder.

Zahn, Theodor von

(1838–1933). Brother of F. M. Zahn; cousin of A. Zahn; NT scholar; b. Moers, near Duisburg, Ger.; educ. Basel, Erlangen, Berlin, Göttingen; prof. Göttingen, Kiel, Erlangen (as successor to J. C. K. v. Hofmann*), Leipzig, again Erlangen; leader of conservatives in NT criticism, in opposition to the radicalism of A. Harnack.* Works include the monumental Einleitung in das Neue Testament; Die Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Kanons; important parts of Kommentar zum Neuen Testament.

Zanchi, Hieronymus

(Girolamo; Jerome; 1516–90). Ref. theol.; b. It.; Augustinian; directed to ch. fathers and Reformers by Vermigli*; influenced by Bullinger* and Calvin*; forced to flee; prof. Geneva; canon Strasbourg; involved in controversies on Lord's Supper, predestination, and perseverance; preacher Chiavenna, It.; prof. Heidelberg 1568, Neustadt 1576. Works include De incarnatione filii Dei. See also Dogmatics, B 5; Grace, Means of, IV 3.

Zänker, Otto Ewald Paul

(1876–1960). Ger. Luth. bp.; b. Herzkamp, Westphalia; educ. Erlangen, Greifswald, Halle; dir. of sem. Soest; gen. supt. Breslau; bp. Silesia 1933; est. laymen's retreats; opposed Nazism; expelled from Silesia 1945. Works include Katholische und evangelische Frömmigkeit; Seelsorge an Gebildeten; 20 Jahre kirchliches Leben in Schlesien.

Zauleck, Paul

(1849–1917). B. Berlin; pastor Bremen; created Kindergottesdienst modeled after Brit. and Am. Sunday school. Est. periodical Der Kindergottesdienst; works include Weide meine Lämmer; Deutsches Kindergesangbuch; Wie man den Kindern den Heiland zeigt.

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