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Wucherer, Johann Friedrich

(1803–1881). Friend of J. K. W. Löhe* and cofounder with him of inner mission work in Bavaria; fought rationalism and championed cause of Luth. Confessions; prolific writer; throughout life active in inner missions.

Wulf, Maurice de

(1867–1947). RC philos.; b. Belg.; educ. Löwen, Berlin, Paris; prof. Löwen. Works include Histoire de la philosophie médiévale.

Wunder, Heinrich

(March 12, 1830–December 22, 1913). B. Muggendorf, Bavaria; stud. at Missionshaus in Neuendettelsau; to Am.; stud. at Ft. Wayne and Altenburg; ordained Millstadt, Illinois, 1849; to Chicago 1851, serving St. Paul's for 62 yrs. and contributing greatly to firm founding and rapid growth of Mo. Syn. in Chicago area; 1st pres. Illinois Dist. 1875–91.

Wunderle, Georg

(1881–1950). Ger. RC psychol, and theol.; b. Weissenburg; priest 1905; taught at Eichstätt; prof. and rector Würzburg; interested in piety of E. Orthodox Church. Ed. Ostkirchliche Studien; works include Die gestaltende Kraft der Religion im Seelenleben des Menschen; Zur Psychologie der Stigmatisation; Das geistige Antlitz der Ostkirche.

Wundt, Wilhelm Max

(1832–1920). Ger. physiol., psychol.; b. Neckarau, Baden; educ. Tübingen, Heidelberg, Berlin; prof. Leipzig 1875. Works include writings on physiol., psychol., ethics. See also Psychology, G 4.

Wurm, Theophil

(1868–1953). Ger. Luth.; b. Basel, Switz.; educ. Tübingen; vicar Stuttgart; pastor of social work Stuttgart 1899; pastor Ravensburg 1920; prelate Heilbronn 1927; pres. Luth. Ch. of Württemberg 1929; bp. 1933. In Kirchenkampf* preserved indep. of Württemberg ch.; became leader in confessing ch.; protested against euthanasia and extermination of Jews. Works include Der lutherische Grundcharakter der württembergischen Landeskirche; Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben; Fünfzig Jahre im Dienste der Kirche.

Wurster, Paul

(1860–1923). Ger. Ev. theol.; b. Hohenstaufen; pastor Heilbronn; deacon Blaubeuren; prof. and dir. of sem. Friedberg; prof. practical theol.. Tübingen; wrote devotional books and on inner missions. Works include Was jedermann von der Inneren Mission wissen muss; Abendsegen.

Württemberger Summarien.

Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg, ordered these Summarien printed to take place of Summarien by V. Dietrich,* which through plundering of chs. in war had become scarce. They were written by Johann Jakob Heinlin (d. 1660), Jeremias Rebstock, and Johann Konrad Zeller (d. 1683) and were published 1669. To 2d ed. explanatory remarks were added by members of Tübingen faculty: Johann Wolfgang Jäger, Johann Christoph Pfaff, and A. A. Hochstetter.* An ed. was pub. as late as 1878. The books contain not a translation of the Bible but only summaries of the contents of the OT and NT books and at the end of each chapter useful applications.

Wuttke, Karl Friedrich Adolph

(1819–70). Prof. Berlin and Halle; advocate of Luth. Confessions within Prussian* Union. Wrote on hist. of heathendom, contemporary superstitions of Ger. people, and an outstanding work on Christian ethics.

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