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(Ur-Nammu). See Law Codes, 1.

Urban II

(Odo [or Udo] of Châtillon-sur-Marne; ca. 1042–99). B. probably Châtillon-sur-Marne, N Fr.; archdeacon Reims 1064; monk, later prior, Cluny*; cardinal bp. Ostia ca. 1080; legate to Ger. in the 1080s; pope 1088–99. See also Crusades, 1; Clermont, Council of.

Urban VIII

(Maffeo Barberini; 1568–1644). B. Florence, It.; pope 1623–44; founded Coll. of the Propaganda (also called Collegium Urbanum,) for the education of missionaries 1627.

Urlsperger, Johann August

(1728–1806). Son of S. Urlsperger*; b. Augsburg, Ger.; educ. Tübingen and Halle; pastor Augsburg; resigned 1776 because of ill health; founded Deutsche Christentumsgesellschaft* 1780. Engaged in intensive study of the doctrine of the Trinity. Controversialist.

Urlsperger, Samuel

(1685–1772). Father of J. A. Urlsperger*; b. Kirchheim unter Teck; educ. Tübingen; influenced by A. H. Francke*; pastor Augsburg; friend of P. J. Spener*; helped introd. Pietism in Augsburg; agent for Salzburger colony in Georgia (see Salzburgers, Banishment of).

Ursinus, Zacharias

(Beer; Bär; 1534–83). Ref. theol.; b. Breslau, Ger.: educ. Wittenberg and Paris; influenced by P. Melanchthon*; prof. Heidelberg. See also Neostadiensium admonitio; Reformed Confessions, D 2.


Legendary RC saint; allegedly a Brit. princess martyred with maidens (numbered variously from 11 to 11,000) by Huns at Cologne sometime in the beginning of the 4th c..


RC order founded ca. 1535 by Angela Merici (ca. 1474–1540) to educ. girls. See also Counter Reformation, 6.

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