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(Tichonius; Ticonius; Tyconius; fl. ca. 370/390). Donatist; opposed rebaptism of those who became Donatists; held that the ch. included good and bad. Works include a book on hermeneutics: Liber de septem regulis.

Tye, Christopher

(ca. 1497/1500–1572). Eng. organist and composer; birthplace unknown, perhaps East Anglia; organist to Chapel Royal under Elizabeth* I. Tr. 1st half of Acts into Eng. verse set to music, some of which became hymn tunes, e.g., Windsor.

Tyler, Bennet

(1783–1858). Cong. cleric; b. Middle-bury, Connecticut; educ. Yale Coll., New Haven, Connecticut Pastor South Britain, Connecticut, 1808–22; Portland, Maine, 1828–33. Pres. Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, New Hampshire, 1822–28; opposed New* Haven Theol., esp. as taught by N. W. Taylor*; prof. and pres. Theol. Institute of Connecticut, 1833/34–57 (founded at East Windsor, Connecticut, to offset the influence of New Haven Theol.; moved to Hartford 1865; reinc. 1913 as part of Hartford Sem. Foundation); his theol. became known as Tylerism.

Tyndale William

(Tindal[e]; ca. 1483/95 [most probably ca. 1494]–1536). B. “about the borders of Wales,” probably Gloucestershire (or Monmouthshire?), perhaps in the hundred of Berkeley (at Stinchcombe? or North Nibley?); educ. Oxford and Cambridge; to the Continent 1524 on failing to receive support for Bible tr. from C Tunstall*; was at Hamburg, Wittenberg, Cologne, and Marburg, but spent most of his remaining yrs. at Antwerp; influenced by M. Luther* but Zwinglian on the Lord's Supper; defended Reformation theol. against T. More*; strangled and burned near Brussels. Tr. NT and parts of the OT, including Pentateuch and Jon. See also Bible Versions, L 1–7; England, B 2. NST

R. Demaus, William Tyndale, rev. R. Lovett (London, 1886); J. F. Mozley, William Tyndale (London, 1937).

Tyndall, John

(1820–93). Brit. physicist and natural philos.; b. Leighlin Bridge, County Carlow, Ireland; educ. Marburg, Ger.; prof. Royal Institution, London; visited Switz. often to study glaciers and meteorological conditions; defended determinism* and agnosticism; showed that the blue in the sky is due to fine particles in the air. See also Metaphysical Society, The.

Tyrrell, George

(1861–1909). B. Dublin, Ireland; raised Calvinist; RC 1879; Jesuit 1880; denied inerrancy of RC theol.; expelled from Jesuits 1906. Works include Christianity at the Cross-Roads. See also Modernism, 1.

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