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Tübingen School.

Two theol. trends at U. of Tübingen, Ger. The theol. faculty was conservative till G. C. Storr* founded the so-called Old Tübingen School, which was continued by J. F. and K. C. Flatt* and F. G. Süskind* and advocated a Bible-based but rationalistic supernaturalism. The Later (or Younger, or New) Tübingen School, traced to F. C. Baur,* was more rationalistic and included, e.g., A. B. C. C. Hilgenfeld,* F. C. A. Schwegler,* K. H. v. Weizsäcker,* and E. Zeller.* See also Isagogics, 3; Lutheran Theology After 1580, 12.

Tuch, Johann Christian Friedrich

(1806–67). B. Quedlinburg, Ger.; educ. Halle; privatdocent and prof. Halle; prof. Leipzig; prof. and canon Zeitz. Works include Kommentar über die Genesis.

Tucher von Simmelsdorf, Christoph Karl Gottlieb von

(1798–1877). B. Nürnberg, Ger.; educ. Erlangen, Heidelberg, and Berlin; held various positions, finally that of counsellor at supreme court in Munich 1856–68. Issued Kirchengesänge der berühmtesten älteren italienischen Meister; Schatz des evangelischen Kirchengesangs in ersten Jahrhundert der Reformation.

Tucker, Abraham

(pseudonyms Cuthbert Comment and Edward Search; 1705–74). B. London, Eng.; educ. Oxford; exponent of utilitarianism.* Works include Free Will, Foreknowledge, and Fate; Man in Quest of Himself; The Light of Nature Pursued.

Tucker, Alfred Robert

(1849–1914). B. Woolwich, Eng.; educ. Oxford; ordained 1883; bp. Eastern Equatorial Afr. 1890; sent to Uganda by CMS; developed indigenous ch., within which missionaries could work; returned to Eng. 1908; canon Durham Cathedral.

Tucker, Charlotte Maria

(pseudonym A. L. O. E. [for “A Lady of Eng.”]; 1821–93). B. Barnet, S Hertfordshire, Eng.; after a successful literary career she went to India 1875 as an indep. miss.; d. Amritsar, India. Works include Abbeokuta, or Sunrise Within the Tropics: An Outline of the Origin and Progress of the Yoruba Mission; Pearls of Wisdom from the Parables of ehrist.

Tucker, Josiah

(1712–99). B. Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales; educ. Oxford; pastor Bristol 1737; dean Gloucester 1758; opposed monopolies, Methodism, and “war for sake of trade”; favored separation of Am. colonies from Eng.

Tucker, William Jewett

(1839–1926). Cong. cleric; b. Griswold, Connecticut; educ. Andover (Massachusetts) Theol. Sem. Prof. Andover Theol. Sem. 1880–93; Dart-mouth Coll., Hanover, New Hampshire, 1893–1909. Works include The Function of the Church in Modern Society.

Tulloss, Rees Edgar

(July 26, 1881–June 8, 1959). B. near Leipsic, Ohio; educ. Hamma Divinity School, Springfield, Ohio. Pastor Constantine, Michigan, 1909–15; Mansfield, Ohio, 1918–20. Psychologist US Naval Radio School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1917–18. Pres. Wittenberg Coll., Springfield, Ohio, 1920–49; active in NLC.

Tulsi Das

(Tulsidas; Tulasidasa; 1532–1623). Hindu poet and reformer. Works include Ramcarit-manas (Ramcharit-manas; Ramacaritamanesa; tr. W. D. P. Hill, The Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama), sometimes called “Bible of N India.”

Tunder, Franz

(1614–67). Father-in-law of D. Buxtehude*; Luth. composer; b. Lübeck, Ger. (or at Burg [or Bannersdorf?], on Fehmarn is. in the Baltic Sea?): organist Lübeck 1641. Works include choralvariations Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott and Jesus Christus, unser Heiland.


Short dalmatic* worn by subdeacon over alb during mass, or short close-fitting vestment worn by bp. under dalmatic at pontifical ceremonies.

Tunstall, Cuthbert

(Tonstall; ca. 1474–1559). B. Hatchford, near Richmond, Yorkshire, Eng.; educ. Oxford, Cambridge, and Padua; bp. London 1522–30, Durham 1530; held RC dogma; tried to suppress W. Tyndale's* NT; imprisoned in the early 1550s; reinstated 1553; deprived of office 1559.

Turrettini, François

(1623–87). B. Geneva, Switz.; educ. Geneva, Leiden, Utrecht, Paris, Saumur, Montauban, and Nimes; pastor It. cong. Geneva 1647; prof. theol. Geneva 1653. Helped write Helvetic Consensus Formula (see Reformed Confessions, A 10).

Tuttiett, Lawrence

(Laurence; 1825–97). Angl. cleric and hymnist; b. Colyton, Devonshire, Eng.; educ. King's Coll., London; ordained 1848; vicar Lea Marston, Warwickshire, 1854–70; incumbent Episc. Ch. of St. Andrews, Fife, E Scot., 1870–93; canon St. Ninian's Cathedral, Perth, 1880. Works include Hymns for Churchmen; Hymns for the Children of the Church. Hymns include “Father, Let Me Dedicate.”


Nine islands in a NW-SE chain 360 mi. long in the SW Pacific Ocean Area: ca. 10 sq. mi. Formerly Ellice islands (see Kiribati); indep. from Brit. 1978. Ethnic composition: Polynesian. Languages: Tuvuluan and English. Religion: mostly Prot.

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