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Savannah Declaration.

Adopted by the ULC at Savannah, Georgia, 1934; reads in part: “We recognize as Evangelical Lutheran all Christian groups which accept the Holy Scriptures as the only rule and standard for faith and life, by which all doctrines are to be judged, and who sincerely receive the historic Confessions of the Lutheran Church (especially the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and Luther's Small Catechism) 'as a witness of the truth and a presentation of the correct understanding of our predecessors' (Formula of Concord, Part II, Intro.; ed. Jacobs, p. 538); and we set up no other standards or tests of Lutheranism apart from them or alongside of them.

“We believe that these Confessions are to be interpreted in their historical context, not as a law or as a system of theology, but as 'a witness and declaration of faith as to how the Holy Scriptures were understood and explained on the matters in controversy within the Church of God by those who then lived' (Formula of Concord, Part I, Intro.; ed. Jacobs, p. 492).”

The ULC reiterated this position at Minneapolis. 1944, declaring: “in addition to [the hist. Confessions of the Luth. Ch. (esp. the UAC and SC)] we will impose no tests of Lutheranism and beyond [these Confessions] we will submit to no tests of Lutheranism.… We regard ourselves as in full fellowship with all those other Lutheran Church bodies in America which with us accept the established Confessions.”

See also Lutheran Church in America, II.

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