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Romania, Socialist Republic of

(Roumanis; Rumania). One of the Balkan States, E Eur. Area: ca. 91,700 sq. mi. For Corrent information see CIA World Factbook. enl. 1918–20 to include Banat, Bessarabia, Bucovina, Transylvania; signed Balkan Pact 1934; forced to cede Bessarabia and N Bucovina to Russ., part of N Transylvania to Hung., S Dobruja to Bulgaria 1940; fought on side of Ger. in WW II; overrun by Russ. 1944; N Transylvania returned to Romania 1947; declared a people's rep. 1947, a socialist rep. 1965.

Most Romanians are mems. of the Gk. Orthodox Ch., which 1948 gained control of the Gk. Cath. Uniate churches. RCs: perhaps ca. 7–9%. Others include Armenians, Jews, and various Prots.

The Ref. Ch. is Hung. Headed by a bp., it has a const. since 1950 and (with Luths. and Unitarians) operates a theol. institute at Klausenburg.

Luther's catechism was printed in Romania 1543. A Luth. Ch. is said to have been est. at Bucharest by 1550. Luths. are mostly Hung. and Ger. Six groups merged 1926 to form the Ev. Ch. of the Augsburg Confession. Luths. numbered ca. 20,000 in Bucovina in the early 1920s; many were deported by Nazis 1940. Luths. (mostly Ger.) numbered ca. 100,000 in Bessarabia 1940. Most Luths. here and in Dobruja were deported by Nazis 1940.

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