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Rhaetian Confession

(Confessio Rhaetica). Drawn up, after several conferences, in fall 1552 by a syn. in Graubünden (Grisons canton, Switz.; formed largest part of ancient Roman province of Rhaetia) against antitrinitarian heresies and to resolve problems caused esp. by teachings of C. Renato* on conversion and the Sacraments; approved by J. H. Bullinger* and signed by most pastors involved in the matter.

Rhau, Georg

(Rau; Rhaw; Raw; Hirsutus; Jörg; 1488–1548). B. Eisfeld, Ger.; cantor Thomasschule, Leipzig, 1519; teacher Eisleben and Hildburghausen 1520–22; printer Wittenberg ca. 1523/25. Printed. e.g., Neue deudsche geistliche Gesenge; LC; AC; books of devotion illustrated by L. Cranach the Elder (see Cranach, 1).

Rhegius, Urbanus

(Regius; Rieger; 1489–1541). B. Langenargen, near Friedrichshafen, Ger.; educ. Freiburg and lngolstadt; priest 1519; preacher Augsburg; sided with M. Luther against Rome and H. Zwingli; preacher Celle 1530; supt. Lüneburg 1531; signed Wittenberg* Concord 1536, Schmalkaldic Arts. 1537 (see Lutheran Confessions, B 2).

G. Uhlhorn, Urbanus Rhegius, in Leben und Ausgewählte Schrifter der Väter und Begründer der lutherischen Kirche, ed. J. Hertmarn et al., VII, in vol. 3 (Elberfeld, 1861).


Variant spelling of Reims, France. See also Bible Versions, L 9.

Rheinberger, Joseph Gabriel von

(1839–1901). Organist, composer; b. Vaduz, Liechtenstein; pupil of J. G. Herzog*; dir. court ch. music Munich 1877. Works include choral works: Jairus's Daughter: Christophorus; The Star of Bethlehem; Easter Hymn.

Rheinbott, Friedrich

(1781–1837). Son of T. Rheinbott*; Luth. pastor Moscow 1801, Saint Petersburg 1813; gen. supt. Saint Petersburg consistory 1832.

Rheinbott, Thomas

(1750–1813). Father of F. Rheinbott*; b. Soest; Luth. pastor Saint Petersburg, Russ., 1778: principal of his congregation's school 1780; supt. Saint Petersburg 1800; gen. supt. Saint Petersburg and vicinity 1804.

Rhenanus, Beatus

(1485–1547). Ger. humanist; b. Alsace; friend of D. Erasmus*; pub. classical texts; other works include Rerum Germanicarum libri tres.

Rhenish Mission Society

(Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft). A small miss. soc. was formed 1799 at Elberfeld; the Berg Bible Soc. was formed at Elberfeld 1814; the Tract Soc. of the Wuppertal was formed at Barmen 1814. Another miss. soc., which cooperated with the miss. institute at Basel (see Basel Missionary Society), soon formed at Barmen. The 2 miss. socs. (at Elberfeld and Barmen), with a soc. at Cologne and one at Wesel, merged into the Rhenish Miss. Soc. 1828 with HQ at Barmen. Missionaries were sent to South Afr. 1829, Borneo 1834, South-West Afr. 1839, China in the mid-1840s. Sumatra in the early 1860s, Nias 1865, New Guinea 1887. See also Missionary Institutes; Schmelen, Johann Heinrich; Schreiber, August Wilhelm; Warneck, Johannes.

Rhenius, Karl Theophil Ewald

(“Theophil” occurs also as “Gottlieb”; November 5, 1790–June 5, 1838). B. at the fortress of Grandenz (Grudziadz), West Prussia; educ. J. Jänicke's* miss. training school, Berlin; ordained 1812; CMS miss. to India 1814; at Tranquebar for several mos., then Madras till 1820; in the Tinnevelly dist. 1820–35; severed connection with CMS 1835; formed the Ger. miss. in Tinnevelly and led it 1835–38. See also Lutheran Foreign Mission Endeavors in the United States, Early, 2.

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