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1. Monistic religious and philos. view that God and the universe are one; denies the personality of God; ascribes to Him only an immanent existence in the universe and identifies Him with it.

One kind of pantheism, pancosmism, holds that God is merged in the universe; it emphasizes nature and its unity, almost loses sight of God, hence approaches atheism.* Another kind, acosmism, holds that the universe is merged in God. There is little practical difference bet. the 2 kinds; both are aspects of the same thing.

2. The concept of pantheism is older than the term. The word “pantheist” was apparently coined 1705 by J. Toland.* Pantheism is the fundamental doctrine of much ancient philos. (see e.g., Hinduism, 2). True pantheistic ideas are rare in medieval literature. In modern times the pantheism of B. Spinoza* influenced J. G. Fichte,* J. W. v. Goethe,* G. W. F. Hegel,* J. G. v. Herder,* G. E. Lessing,* F. W. J. v. Schelling,* F. D. E. Schleiermacher,* et al.

3. Pantheism has occurred among Eng. and Am. thinkers only in a veiled or partial form. RCm has found pantheistic leanings linked more with mysticism than doctrine and has always opposed the basic notions of pantheism; pope and council have formally condemned pantheism repeatedly since 1861.

4. Besides destroying the personality of God and reducing Him to a lower object of worship, pantheism destroys the personality of man, who becomes merely a part of the Whole. Individual responsibility and the moral world order are destroyed. Pantheism does not explain the existence of evil. Christ's redemptive work becomes an illusion.

See also Monism.

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