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(Gnostic). See Gnosticism, 7 g.


(Lat.: Ptolemaeus). Name of kings of Egypt, the Ptolemies (323–30 BC), comprising the 31st (or Macedonian) dynasty, which included Ptolemy I (Ptolemy Soter [Gk. “ savior”]; ca. 367–283; reputed son of Lagos [or Lagus]; king 323–285); Ptolemy II (Ptolemy Philadelphus; son of Ptolemy I; 309–ca. 247/246; king 285–ca. 247/246; see also Bible Versions, A 1); Ptolemy III (Ptolemy Euergetes [Gk. “benefactor”]; son of Ptolemy II; ca. 282–ca. 222/221; king ca. 247/246–ca. 222/221); Ptolemy IV (Ptolemy Philopator [or Philopater; from Gk. for “loving (his) father”]; son of Ptolemy III; ca. 244–ca. 205/203; king ca. 222/221–ca. 205/203; Jews probably less in favor at court than under previous reigns); Ptolemy V (Ptolemy Epiphanes [Gk. “illustrious”]; son of Ptolemy IV; ca. 210—probably ca. 181/180; king ca. 205/203—probably ca. 181/180); Ptolemy VI (or Ptolemy VII; Ptolemy Philometor [from Gk. for “loving (his) mother”]; son of Ptolemy V; ca. 186–ca. 146/145; king probably ca. 181/180–146/145; cf. 1 Mac 10:51–60; 11:1–18; 2 Mac 1:10; 4:21); Ptolemy VII (or Ptolemy IX; Ptolemy Euergetes II; nicknamed Physcon [or Physkon; from Gk. for “fat paunch”]; brother of Ptolemy VI; ca. 184–117/116; king ca. 146/145–ca. 117/116). Prophecies in Dn 9:9–12; 11 have been assoc. with the Ptolemies.

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