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Pfaff, Christoph Matthäus

(1686–1760). B. Stuttgart, Ger.; educ. Tübingen; chancellor Tübingen U. ca. 1720/21; chancellor and supt. Giessen 1756; inclined to pietism. Works include writings in nearly all depts. of theol.; directed publication of a new Ger. Bible tr., the so-called Tübinger Bibelwerk. See also Collegialism.

Pfander, Karl Gottlieb

(1803–65). B. Waiblingen, Württemberg, Ger.; Basel* Miss. Soc. miss. to Muslim in Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Persia 1825–37; CMS miss. India and Pakistan 1841–57; in Constantinople 1858–65. Works include writings on Islam.

Pfeffer, Paul

(1651–1710). B. Neustadt, Glogau, Ger.; mayor Bautzen; hymnist. Wrote the hymn “Ach, jawohl bin ich nunmehr entgangen” (to be sung antiphonally with S. Dach's* “O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen”).

Pfefferkorn, Georg Michael

(1645[6?]–1732). B. Ifta, near Kreuzburg, Ger.; educ. Jena and Leipzig; private tutor Altenburg; held various positions; consistorial assessor and supt. Gräfen-Tonna 1682; hymnist. Hymns include “Was frag ich nach der Welt” (tr. A. Crull* “What Is the World to Me”).

Pfeffinger, Johann

(1493–1573). B. Wasserburg, Ger.; held several positions and became priest; preacher Passau 1521, where he heard of M. Luther; fled threatened arrest; studied at Wittenberg 1524; pastor Sonnenwalde 1527, Eicha 1530, Belgern 1532; pastor and 1st Luth. supt. Leipzig 1540[1541?]; helped introd. Reformation in Schönburg; prof. Leipzig 1544; connected with developments that led to the Leipzig Interim (see Interim, II); Philippist (see Philippists). Works include moral, ascetic, and polemic writings. See also Synergistic Controversy.

Pfeiffer, August

(1640–98). Orientalist; pastor Meissen 1675; archdeacon and prof. Leipzig 1681; supt. Lübeck 1689. Works include Dubia vexata Scripturae Sacrae; Critica sacra; Thesaurus hermeneuticus.

Pfeiffer, Edward

(November 23, 1857-December 19, 1926). B. Columbus, Ohio; educ. Capital U. and Luth. sem., Columbus, Ohio; pastor Pennsylvania and Ohio 1881–99; sem. prof. Capital U. 1899–1926. Ed. The Little Missionary 1886–91; ed. miss. dept. Lutheran Standard 1891 to 1925; other works include Mission Studies.

Pfeil, Christian (or Christoph) Karl Ludwig

(1712–84). B. Grünstadt, near Worms, Ger.; educ. Halle and Tübingen; held several pol. offices; influenced by N. L. v. Zinzendorf* and J. A. Bengel*; pietist; hymnist. Hymns include “Wohl einem Haus, da Jesus Christ” (tr. C. Winkworth* “Oh, Blest the House, Whate'er Befall”).

Pfenninger, Johann Konrad

(1747–92). B. Zurich, Switz.; educ. Zurich; chaplain Zurich orphanage 1775; pastor Zurich 1786; friend and co-worker of J. K. Lavater, poet. Works include apologetic and exegetic writings.

Pfleiderer, Otto

(1839–1908). B. Stetten, Württemberg, Ger.; educ. Tübingen; held various positions; pastor Heilbronn 1868; pastor and prof. Jena 1870; prof. Berlin 1875. Denied miraculous origin of Christianity. See also Lutheran Theology After 1580, 10.

Pflug, Julius von

(1499–1564). B. Eyt(h)ra (or Pegau?), near Leipzig, Ger.; educ. Leipzig, Bologna, and Padua; cathedral provost Zeitz 1522; cathedral dean Meissen 1537; elected RC bp. NaumburgZeitz 1541, accepted and confirmed 1542, est. 1547. Humanistic; interested in peace with Prots.; took part in 1541 Regensburg* Conf. Helped draft Augsburg and Leipzig Interim.*

Pfotenhauer, Johann Friedrich

(April 22, 1859-October 9, 1939). B. Altencelle, Hannover, Ger.; to Am. 1875; educ. Conc. Coll., Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri; traveling miss. Minnesota and territories of Dak. and Montana (base Odessa, Minnesota) 1880–87. Pastor Lewiston, Minnesota, 1887–94; Hamburg, Minnesota, 1894–1911; pres. Minnesota and Dak. Dist. of the Mo. Syn. 1891–1908; pres. Mo. Syn. 1911–35, honorary pres. 1935–39.

E. A. Mayer, “Dr. Friedrich Pfotenhauer (1859–1939),” tr. F. A. Hertwig CHIQ, XIII, 1 (April 1940), 1–22; H. A. Grueber, “F. Pfotenhauer: The Man and the Leader,” CHIQ, XIII, 1 (April 1940), 22–25.

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