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Oecolampadius, Johannes

(Oekolampadius; Grecized from Ger. Huszgen, or Huschke, changed to Hausschein; 1482–1531). B. Weinsberg, Württemberg, Ger.; educ. Heidelberg; helped D. Erasmus* issue his ed. of the Gk. NT; influenced by M. Luther*; to Basel 1522; influenced by H. Zwingli*; held that there is a figure of speech in “body” and “blood” in the words of institution of the Lord's Supper; attended the Colloquy of Marburg 1529 (see Lutheran Confessions, A 2). Works include commentaries on OT prophets; translations of early ch. fathers. See also Reformed Confessions, A 5; Sickingen, Franz von; Switzerland, 2.

Oehler, Gustav Friedrich (von)

(1812–72). B. Ebingen, Württemberg, Ger.; educ. Tübingen; prof. Breslau 1845, Tübingen 1852; specialized in theol. of the OT.


(Oemeken; Oemichen). See Ömcken.

Oepke, Albrecht

(1881–1955). B. Arle, Ostfriesland; tutor at miss. sem. Leipzig 1914; prof. NT Leipzig U. 1922. Works include commentaries on epistles of Paul.

Oetinger, Friedrich Christoph

(1702–82). B. Göppingen, Ger.; educ. Tübingen; private tutor there 1731–38; pastor Hirsau 1738, Schnaitheim 1743, Walddorf 1746; dean Weinsberg 1752, Herrenberg 1759; prelate Murrhardt 1766. Pietist, mystic, alchemist, theosophist.

Oetting, Walter Wayne

(April 25, 1929–February 24, 1964). B. Davenport, Iowa; educ. Valparaiso (Indiana) U. and Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri Pastor St. Joseph, Michigan, 1955–59; prof. Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri, 1959–64. Wrote The Church of the Catacombs.

Oettli, Samuel

(1846–1911). B. St. Gall, Switz.; educ. Basel, Göttingen, and Zurich; pastor at various places; prof. Bern 1879, Greifswald 1895. Collaborator in Kurzgefasster Kommentar, ed. H. L. Strack* and O. Zöckler*; other works include Der Kampf um Babel und Bibel; Die revidierte Lutherbibel.

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