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Odd Fellows, Independent Order of.

Secret social and benevolent fraternal society. Originated in Eng. in the 18th c.; reason for the name is indeterminate. Introd. into the US 1819. Consists of 4 degrees: Initiatory (White), Friendship (Pink), Love (Blue), Truth (Scarlet). Deistic; moralistic; its God is not the Triune God but an indeterminate Supreme Being; salvation is not by faith in Christ but by a good moral life as taught in the order. The privilege of a burial ritual that asserts eternal rewards is extended to every mem. Rebekah lodges are an adjunct to the Indep. Order of Odd Fellows. PHL


(Othilia; ca. 660–ca. 720). Founded a convent (Niedermünster) before 710 in the Vosges Mountains, Alsace; it became a center of pilgrimages but died out 1542.


(ca. 962–December 31, 1048 or January 1, 1049). 5th abbot Cluny.* Under his leadership Cluniac monasteries grew in number and influence. Introd. commemoration of All Souls' Day (see Church Year, 14; Departed, Commemoration of).


(ca. 879–942). 2d abbot Cluny,* succeeding Berno 927. Canon St. Martin of Tours. Entered monastery at Baume, in Burgundy, 909. Raised Cluny to high position and influence. Works include moral essays; a life of Gerald of Aurillac; sermons; an epic on the Redemption.


(Oda; ca. 875–ca. 959). “Odo the Good.” Abp. Canterbury 942; active in bldg. programs and in reform of the clergy.


(Eudes; ca. 1036–97). B. Normandy; half brother of William the Conqueror (1027–87; king of Eng. 1066–87); bp. Bayeaux 1049; fought at Hastings 1066; involved in pol. affairs of Eng.; ruled Eng. tyrannically during William's absence; supported the 1st Crusade (see Crusades).

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