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Klauder, Charles Zeller

(1872–1938). B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; executive architect for projects including buildings at Princeton (New Jersey) U., U. of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Brown U. (Providence, Rhode Island), and Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri

Klaveness, Thorvald

(Thorwald; 1844–1915). Norw. pastor; originally exponent of conservative theol. with pietistic inclinations. After involvement in problems of ch. and culture, soc. justice, and the nature of Scripture, he was at times regarded as a liberal leader. Held Scripture is eternal truth in earthly thoughts and words. Cofounded Kirke og Kultur; Norsk Kirkeblad; other works include Evangeliet forkyndt for nutiden.

Klein, Bernhard Joseph

(1793–1832). B. Cologne, Ger.; composer; conductor at Cologne Cathedral; taught at Berlin U. and Institute for Church Music, Berlin. Works include oratorios Jephtha and David.

Klein, Henry Adam

(February 17, 1869–December 21, 1935). B. Spring, Texas; educ. Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri; pastor Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1892–1902; miss. Brazil 1902–07; pastor Wittenberg, Missouri, 1907–10, St. Joseph, Missouri, 1910–15, Collinsville, Illinois, 1915–22; pres. Conc. Sem., Springfield, Illinois, 1922–35.

Kleinert, Hugo Wilhelm Paul

(1837–1920). B. Vielguth, Silesia; educ. Breslau and Halle; prof. Berlin; mem. Brandenburg consistory. Works include Musik und Religion, Gottesdienst und Volksfeier; Die Revidierte Lutherbibel; commentaries on Minor Prophets.

Klemme, Pankratius

(ca. 1475–1547). B. Hirschberg, Silesia; reformer of Danzig; Dominican; preacher Danzig 1526; met M. Luther* at Wittenberg 1539.

Klenovsky, Johann

(ca. 1431–98). B. Prossnitz, Moravia; lay preacher in Moravian* ch.

Klesl, Melchior

(Klesel; 1552 [or 1553]–1630). B. Vienna; bp. Vienna 1598; cardinal ca. 1615; leader of Counter* Reformation in lower Austria.

Kleuker, Johann Friedrich

(1749–1827). Prot. apologete; b. Osterode, Ger.; educ. Göttingen; prorector Gymnasium in Lemgo 1775; rector Osnabröck 1778; prof. OT, NT, and symbolics Kiel 1798; exponent of Biblical supranaturalism* in opposition to rationalism.*

Kleutgen, Joseph

(Jesuit name: Peters; 1811–83). B. Dortmund, Ger.; taught at Freiburg; prof. and prefect Gregorian U., Rome; helped promote rise of neo-scholasticism.*

Kliefoth, Theodor Friedrich Dethlof

(1810–95). Luth. theol.; b. Körchow, near Wittenberg, Mecklenburg, Ger.; educ. Schwerin, Berlin, and Rostock; tutored Mecklenburg princes 1833–39; pastor Ludwigslust 1840; supt. and cathedral preacher Schwerin 1844; pres. supreme ch. council 1886; promoted ecclesiastical and liturgical reforms. Works include Liturgische Abhandlungen; Christliche Eschatologie; commentaries on Eze, Dn, Zch, Rv.

Klinck, Arthur William

(January 19, 1900–August 9, 1959). B. Elmira, Ont., Can.; educ. Conc. Coll., Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri; miss. North Platte (1925–28) and Lincoln (1928–39), Nebraska; pres. Conc. Teachers Coll., River Forest, Illinois, 1939–53; prof. Conc. Sem., St. Louis, 1954–59. Assoc. ed. Lutheran School Journal 1939–47, Lutheran Education 1947–53, The Lutheran Witness 1957–59; other works include Home Life in Bible Times and Old Testament History.

Klindworth, John

(August 9, 1833–December 5, 1907). B. Stade, Hannover, Ger.; educ. Neuendettelsau; to Am. 1858; pastor Galena, Illinois, 1858–1907; excluded from Ev. Luth. Syn. of Iowa* and Other States 1876 because of dissident views; joined Ev. Luth. Syn. of Wisconsin and Other States (see Wisconsin Synod) and later Ev. Luth. Joint Syn. of Ohio* and Other States.


Open cloth bag on long rod, originally with bell attached; used for gathering offerings in ch.

Klingmann, Stephan

(September 3, 1833–April 17, 1891). B. Gau Angelloch, Baden; educ. Basel; commissioned for Am. 1860; pastor Michigan; helped organize the 2d Michigan Syn. (see Michigan Synod, 2) and was its pres. 1867–81.

Klopfer, Balthasar Christoph

(1659–1703). B. Jüdenberg, near Bitterfeld, Ger.; harpist and scribe of count of Hanau; secy. in Greifenstein; lived in Giessen 1697–99, then in Laubach; influenced by J. Tauler*; radical mystic individualist; influential in Hesse.

Klopriss, Johann

(Klopreis; Kloprys; d. 1535). B. Bottrop, Ger.; influenced by Reformation; later joined Anabaps. in Münster; burned at the stake.

Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb

(1724–1803). B. Quedlinburg, Ger.; educ. Jena and Leipzig; Christian poet. Works include Messias.

Klotsche, Ernst Heinrich

(Ernest; August 7, 1875–February 11, 1937). B. Elstra, near Kamenz, Saxony, Ger.; educ. at the training school of the Leipzig* Ev. Luth. Miss.; miss. India 1900–03; to Am. 1903; joined General* Syn. of the Ev. Luth. Ch. in the USA; pastor South Dakota ca. 1903–13; to Nebraska 1913; taught Martin Luther Sem., Lincoln, Nebraska; taught Western Theol. Sem. (at Midland Coll.), Fremont, Nebraska, 1919–30, as mem. of the Ger. Ev. Luth. Syn. of Nebraska (see United Lutheran Church in America, The, Synods of, 3) and Chicago (Illinois) Luth. Theol. Sem. 1930–37 as mem. of the Wartburg Syn. (see United Lutheran Church in America, The, Synods of, 3). Works include An Outline of the History of Doctrines; Christian Symbolism; The Supernatural in the Tragedies of Euripides as Illustrated in Prayers, Curses, Oaths, Oracles, Prophecies, Dreams, and Visions.

Klug, Joseph

(Klöck; Clug; Sophos; d. ca. 1552). Printer in Wittenberg. Pub. Geystliche gesangk Buchleyn (1524; ed. M. Luther); Geistliche Lieder (1529); other works of Luther,* M. Aurogallus,* J. Bugenhagen,* J. Jonas,* P. Melanchthon,* U. Rhegius.* C. Cruciger the Elder (see Cruciger, 1), et al.

Klüpfel, Andreas

(monastic name Engelbert; Kluepfel; 1733–1811). B. Wipfeld, near Würzburg, Ger.; Augustinian monk 1750 (1751?); priest 1756; prof. Freiburg; opposed scholasticism* and rationalism.* Works include Institutiones theologiae dogmaticae.

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