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Latin consonantal “i” written often as “j” (see also Ju—— is found, among others, in words such as ius “law” and iustitia “righteousness” Other examples include iam “already” and Iesus “Jesus”.

Ius divinum

(Lat. “divine right”). God's right and authority over man; His principles, laws, or orders for man. lure divino (or iuris divini) means by (or of) divine law or arrangement, hence unalterable; iure humano (or iuris humani; from ius humanum, “human right”) means by (or of) human arrangement, hence alterable. Cf. AC XXVIII 19, 21, 22, 29, 63.

Ius gentium.

Laws governing aliens subject to Rome and international intercourse bet. Roman citizens and aliens. Sometimes a synonym for natural* law.

Iustitia aliena

(Lat.for. righteousness”). Term used to refer not to our righteousness but that of another, Christ.

Iustitia originalis

(Lat. “original righteousness”). Righteousness of Adam and Eve before the fall* of man.

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