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In nearly all passages in which the Hebrew word leb (or lebab) and the Gk. word kardia occur they are used of a man's heart and usually in a psychological sense as the organ of feeling, thinking, and willing. The heart is the seat of life (Gn 18:5; Ju 19:5, 8; Lk 21:34).

The spirit is the life principle of the heart and acts through it (heart and spirit paralleled Ps. 34:18). With the heart man approaches God (Heb 10:22); Christ dwells in the hearts of believers (Eph 3:17); estrangement from God is of the heart (Eph 4:18; Is 1:5). The heart determines the character of man (Lk 8:15; Acts 7:51; Ro 1:21; 2:5). It is the treasury of good and evil (Mt 12:34–35), receives God's Word and the Holy Spirit (Mt 13:19), is the organ of faith (Ro 10:9–10) and unbelief (Acts 7:39), decision (Acts 5:4), and thought (Is 10:7). It is the object of Satan's activity (Jn 13:2). It resists God and becomes hardened (Acts 28:27). The work of the Law is written in the heart (Ro 2:15).

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