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Donum superadditum; donum supernaturale.

These terms denote the RC scholastic doctrine of “super-added, supernatural” grace given to Adam in addition to his natural powers and lost by him through the Fall. According to this doctrine, man lived in moral communion with God by virtue of an original righteousness that exalted him above merely human nature. According to RC doctrine, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was preserved from the stain of original sin (Immaculate* Conception) and for others all that was lost by the Fall is restored by Baptism: “If anyone … says that [in Baptism] the whole of that which belongs to the essence of sin is not taken away … let him be anathema” (Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, Session V, “Decree Concerning Original Sin,” 5).

Luth. doctrine knows no such “superadded, supernatural” gift, but regards the original wisdom, righteousness, and holiness of man in his first estate as concreate (donum concreatum). Accordingly, man's nature (including that of Mary) after the Fall is corrupt, and the image of God, which was lost by man in the Fall and renewal of which is begun in believers on earth, will be fully restored only in heaven (Ap II, IV 351–352; FC SD I).

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