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1. There is growing need in the ch. for good administrative procedure. S. W. Blizzard, “The Minister's Dilemma,” Christian Century, LXXIII (April 25, 1956), 508–510, showed that though Prot. ministers put administration at the end of the list of preferred pastoral tasks, it was first on the list in terms of time consumed. Since administration is a necessity, it should be viewed in its proper perspective and carried out with maximum efficiency and minimum time.

2. The word “administration” occurs in some form only twice in the NT RSV, representing 2 Gk. words. In 1 Co 12:28 “administrators” are among Godappointed ch. functionaries; here the Gk. word means “those who steer, pilot, direct”; in this sense administrators give proper direction to an enterprise. 2 Co 8:20 speaks of administering the gift given by the chs. for the poor in Jerusalem; here the Gk. word means “serving” (cf. Mt 20:28); in this sense administrators are servants; their greatest service is speaking and sharing God's Word.

3. If an administrator is to function effectively as leader and servant, (1) he must help people see and set goals indicated in the Bible; the ch. is the people of God, who are to carry out God's will through worship, nurture, service, and witness in the world. (2) An administrator should help people analyze the situation in the ch. in order to see where they are and where God's goals indicate they should be; such analysis should consider resources of the group for meeting the goals. (3) People should be involved in determining functions that need to be performed and planning means or structures by which these functions can be performed. (4) People should be organized for the tasks to be done; they need to be asked, trained, and put to work in the functions that have been determined as necessary. (5) Provision should be made for supervision, to help assure progress and offer resources to increase efficiency. (6) Evaluation should ask: “How are we doing in the light of our goals?” Everything going on in the ch. should be critically viewed as measured by effectiveness in helping people reach God-given goals.

H. Coiner, “The Pastor as Administrator of the Christian Fellowship,” CTM, XXXV (May 1964), 271–283; R. R. Caemmerer, Feeding and Leading (St. Louis, 1962); O. Tead, Democratic Administration (New York, 1945) and The Art of Administration (New York, 1951). RC

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