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Buffalo Colloquy.

Discussion bet. C. F. W. Walther,* W. Sihler,* H. C. Schwan,* J. C. D. Römer of St. Louis, Missouri, J. Keil of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and J. C. Theiss of Altenburg, Missouri, of the Mo. Syn., and H. K. G. v. Rohr,* C. F. (W.) Hochstetter,* P. Brand,* C. Krull of Neubergholz, New York, E. Schorr of Buffalo, New York (alternate for F. Groth of Cedarburg, Wisconsin), and H. A. Christiansen of Detroit, Michigan, of the Buffalo* Syn.; held Buffalo, New York, November 20–December 5, 1866. Items discussed: ch., ministry, excommunication, adiaphora, ordination. See also Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, The, V 15.

Das Buffaloer Colloquium, abgehalten vom 20. November bis 5. December 1866, das ist, die schlieszlichen Erklärungen der die Synode von Buffalo und die von Missouri, Ohio u. a. Staaten vertretenden Colloquenten über die bisher zwischen beiden Synoden streitigen und besprochenen Lehren, rev., signed, and pub. by the collocutors (St. Louis, 1866), known also as Protokoll über die Verhandlungen des Colloquiums gehalten in Buffalo … from beading on first page; R. A. Suelflow, “Buffalo-Missouri Colloquy,” in “The Relations of the Missouri Synod with the Buffalo Synod up to 1866,” CHIQ, XXVII (1954–55), 127–132.

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