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Has roots in the Ref. Presbytery (later called Ref. Presb. Ch.) organized Scot. 1743 under leadership of J. Macmillan* and Thomas Nairn(e) (ca. 1680–1764) by Ref. Presbyterians who traced their origin to 1733, when E. Erskine,* William Wilson (1690–1741), Alexander Moncrieff (1695–1761), and James Fisher (1697–1775) left the Est. Ch. and founded the Associate Presbytery (first called Assoc. Syn.; at times called Society People). Many emigrated to US. The 1st organization in the US was the Assoc. Presbytery of Pennsylvania, founded 1753. In 1774 the first Ref. Presbytery of Am. was organized. The Assoc. Presbytery of New York was founded 1776. These 3 (except for a minority that continued till 1858 as the Assoc. Presb. Ch.) united 1782 as the Assoc. Ref. Presb. Ch., a syn. in polity. In 1802 it reorganized as 4 syns. (New York, Pennsylvania, Scioto, and the Carolinas) subordinate to a gen. syn. convened 1804. The syn. of Scioto withdrew to form indep. Assoc. Ref. Syn. of the West 1820. In 1821 the syn. of the Carolinas was released to form Assoc. Ref. Syn. of the South 1822. After the disputed 1822 gen. syn. resolution to unite with the Presb. Ch. in the USA, the syn. of New York continued indep. and reunited 1855 with syn. of the West as Gen. Syn. of the Assoc. Ref. Ch. This Gen. Syn. and the Assoc. Syn. (formed 1801; indep. of the Gen. Syn. of Scot. 1818) formed The United Presb. Ch. of N. Am. 1858. The Assoc. Ref. Syn. of the South continued indep. and became the Assoc. Ref. Presb. Ch. (Gen. Syn.). See also Gordon, Andrew; Presbyterian Churches, 1, 4. EL

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