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Aichinger, Gregor

(1564–1628). RC composer; b. Regensburg, Ger.; studied at Ingolstadt; organist at Augsburg 1584; studied polyphone under G. Gabrieli* in Venice; studied music in Rome; priest ca. 1600/03. Works include Sacrae cantiones.


(d. 651). Celtic bp. of Lindisfarne* (635); made extensive miss. journeys in Eng. See also England, A 2; Finan; Lindisfarne.

Ailly, Pierre d'

(Petrus de Alliaco; ca. 1350/51–1420). B. probably near Compiègne, Fr.; educ. Paris; cardinal 1411; theol.; promoted reformer of the ch.; prominent at Council of Constance*; placed Bible above canon* law, ecumenical councils (see Councils and Synods, 4) above the pope. See also Councils and Synods, 7; Gerson, Jean de.


(various forms, including Aelred, Aethelred, Ethelred; ca. 1109/10–1167). “Bernard of the North.” b. Hexham, Northumberland, Eng.; Cistercian; abbot Revesby 1143, Rievaulx 1147. Works include a life of Edward the Confesor (ca. 1002–66; b. Oxfordshire, Eng.; king 1042, crowned 1043); Speculum caritatis; De spiri tuali amicitia.

The Life of Ailred of Rivaulx by Walter Daniel, ed. and tr. F. M. Powicke (London, 1950); MPL 195, 195–798.

Ainslie, Peter

(1867–1934). b. Dunnsville, Essex Co., Virginia; educ. Transylvania Coll., Lexington, Kentucky; preacher Newport News, Virginia, 1889–91; pastor Baltimore, Maryland 1891–1934. Founded Council on Christian Union of the Disciples of Christ 1910 (name changed 1916 to Assoc. for the Promotion of Christian Unity, later to Council on Christian Unity); active in various movements (ecumenical, soc. betterment, racial equality, and pacifist). Cofounded The Christan Union Quarterly 1911. Other works include God and Me; The Message of the Disciples for the Union of the Church; My Brother and I; The Scandal of Christianity; Working with God (2 chaps. of which were later expanded and pub. separately under the title Towards Christian Unity); Christ or Napoleon-Which? See also Disciples of Christ, 3.

Ainsworth, Henry

(1571–ca. 1622/23). Hebraist; champion of Eng. separatists; b. near Norwich; educ. Cambridge; to Amsterdam ca. 1593; teacher there (with an interval in Ireland of separatists till his death.


Aboriginal people in N. Japan perhaps of Caucasian origin; since WW II almost entirely assimilated into culture of Japan. Jesuit Hieronymus de Angelis visited them 1616 and 1620. CMS began miss. work 1876. Religion apparently originally monotheistic, now polytheistic (animism, goddess of fire, ancestor worship).

S. Takakura, “Vanishing Ainu of North Japan,” Natural History, LXXV, 8 (October 1966), 16–25. See also Missions Bibliography.


Variant form of etiology.*

Aitken, Robert

(1734 [1735?]–1802). B. Dalkeith, Scot.; printer; opened bookstore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1771; pub. 1st complete Eng. Bible known to be printed in Am. 1782 (an Eng. Bible and several Testaments are said to have been printed in Boston ca. 1750).


Fr. name of Aachen.

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