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Universities in the United States, Lutheran.

Luth. univs. in the US include:

1. Capital U., Columbus, Ohio; The ALC; est. 1830 Canton, Ohio, by the Ohio Syn. (see Ohio and Other States, The Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of, 3); moved to Columbus, Ohio, 1831; est. as a university 1850; moved 1853 to a site adjoining Goodale Park in northern Columbus, 1876 to a site E of Alum creek, now in the suburb of Bexley. Coeduc. introd. 1918. A music dept. organized 1918 was est. as a conservatory 1928.

Capital U. and the sem. became separate institutions 1959 in preparation for the merger that formed The ALC.

See also Lehmann, Wilhelm Friedrich; Loy, Matthias; Ministry, Education of, VI C, VIII A, X G; Reynolds, William Morton; Schuette, Conrad Herman Louis; Schuh, Henry Jacob; Schuh, Lewis Herman; Stellhorn, Frederick William.

2. The Concordia* University System.

3. Pacific Luth. U., Tacoma (Parkland), Washington; The ALC; traces its beginning to the Pacific Luth. U. Assoc., formed 1890 by Norw. Luths.; opened 1894 as Pacific Luth. U. at Parkland (near Tacoma), Washington; accredited 1899 as Pacific Luth. Academy; as a result of the 1917 merger (see Evangelical Lutheran Church, The, 13) the academy merged 1918 with Columbia Coll., Everett, Washington (which had been est. 1909 by The United* Norw. Luth. Ch. in America), which in turn closed 1919, reopened 1920 as Pacific Luth. Coll., Parkland; jr. coll. 1921; joined 1929 by Spokane Coll. (est. 1907 by The United Norw. Luth. Ch. in Am.); became a 3-yr. normal school 1932, 4-yr. normal coll. 1940, 4-yr. liberal arts coll. 1941; resolved 1959 to readopt its first name; formally adopted university status 1960.

E. C. Nelson, The Lutheran Church Among Norwegia: Americans (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1960, pp. 120–121. See also Ministry, Education of, VIII A.

4. Susquehanna* U., Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania; LCA. Began 1858 as Missionary Institute; coeduc. 1873; present name adopted 1895.

See also Kurtz, Benjamin; Manhart, Franklin Pierce.

5. Valparaiso U., Valparaiso, Indiana Owned and operated by Luth. U. Assoc. Opened 1859 as the Valparaiso Male and Female Coll. under supervision of a conference of the Meth. Ch. Operated for a number of yrs.. Suspended operation several yrs.. Reopened 1873 by Henry Baker Brown as Northern Indiana Normal School and Bus. Institute. School of Law added 1879. Brown was joined 1881 by Oliver Perry Kinsey. The Institution was renamed Valparaiso Coll. 1900, Valparaiso U. 1907. Difficulties after WW I made new support necessary. The newly organized Luth. U. Assoc. bought the school 1925.

See also Dau, William Herman Theodore; Kreinheder, Oscar Carl; Kretzmann, Otto Paul; Ministry, education of, VIII A.

6. Wittenberg U., Springfield, Ohio; LCA; in 1842 the Eng. Dist. Syn. of Ohio (see Ohio and Other States, Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of, 4) resolved to est. a literary and theol. institution; Wooster, Ohio, chosen as the place 1843; classes, taught by E. Keller,* began there 1844; the school received a charter, moved to Springfield, Ohio, and was called Wittenberg* Coll. 1845; coeduc. 1874; graduate program introd. 1883; reorganized as a university 1957; name changed to Wittenberg U. 1959. AS

See also Keller, Ezra; Ministry, Education of, VIII A; Ort, Samuel Alfred; Sprecher, Samuel; Tulloss, Rees Edgar.

H. H. Lentz, A History of Wittenberg College (1845–1945) (Columbus, Ohio, 1946); P. H. Buehring, D. B. Owens, and H. L. Yochum, These Hundred Years: The Centennial History of Capital University (Columbus, Ohio, 1950); J. H. Strietelmeier, Valparaiso's First Century: A Centennial History of Valparaiso University (Valparaiso, Indiana, 1959); W. S. Clark and A. H. Wilson, The Story of Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, 1958).

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