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Textual Criticism.

1. The branch of study that traces the hist. of the transmission of ancient texts with a view esp. to determine the most ancient form of a given text, thereby laying the basis for interpretation. Also called lower criticism because of its basic or primary character; cf. Higher Criticism.

2. There are perhaps ca. 200,000 variant readings in NT MSS (see Manuscripts of the Bible, 3 b); some arose inadvertently, others by design. Origen* tried to cope with some variants. A “Textus* receptus” gradually became standard; later studies hold some other readings in higher regard.

3. The importance of ancient versions and ch. fathers for NT textual criticism was recognized by J. Mills.* J. A. Bengel* noted “families” of MSS and formulated basic principles of textual criticism that emphasized preference for the more difficult readings. J. J. Wettstein* introd. a system of numbering MSS. See also Griesbach, Johann Jakob; Hort, Fenton John Anthony; Lachmann, Karl Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm; Lake, Kirsopp; Soden, Hans Karl Hermann von; Tischendorf, Lobegott Friedrich Constantin von; Westcott, Brooke Foss. FWD

See also Theology.

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