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Slavs, Primitive Religion of.

Slavs apparently developed as a people NE of the Carpathian Mountains several cents. BC. Ancient Slavs shared religious concepts of other peoples and developed them variously under influence of neighbors (Nordic, Indo-Iranian, Gk., Roman, Christian [the latter esp. among Slavs who remained pagan longest]). There was no Slavic mythology and cosmogony. Demonology was more important than theol. Chief aims of worship and magic rituals: to insure fertility and gain divine favor for military victory. Religion (basically animism influenced by fetishism and perhaps by totemism [see Primitive Religion]) lacked ethical content, came to include ancestor* worship. Death was gen. followed by cremation, but not as a denial of continuing life.

Early gods included Perun (god of stormy heavens), Svarog (god of sun, fire, and light), Veles (or Volos; god of flocks and herds, and perhaps agriculture). Stribog (wind god; sometimes war god) and Mokosh (or Mkosh; female god personifying mother earth; also god of trade) were worshiped esp. by E Slavs. Statues of gods were in stele form and many-faced, housed in temples (esp. among Baltic Slavs); priests offered sacrifices (sometimes human), served as oracles, and carne to form a powerful caste; magicians, who claimed power over demons, exerted even more influence. Echoes of primitive beliefs continued far into the Christian era. RR tr. MSF)

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