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Sins, Venial and Mortal.

The Luth. Confessions speak of sin* that is mortal, or deadly, i. e., irreconcilable with faith (Ap IV 48, 64, 109, 115). When believers fall into open sin, faith has departed (SA-III III 43–44). One who obeys his lusts does not retain faith (Ap IV 144). Original sin (see Sin, Original) is mortal; it brings eternal death on those who are not born again (AC II 2 Lat.). One who is dead in sin is insensitive to sin (LC, V: The Sacrament of the Altar, 77–78). Sins remain in believers (SA-III III 40; FC SD II 34). Many regard the following as 7 deadly sins, fatal to spiritual progress: pride,* covetousness,* lust,* anger, gluttony, envy,* sloth. But man cannot weigh, distinguish, or differentiate sins; all sins manifest total corruption (SA-III III 36–38), merit God's wrath (Mt 5:18–19; Gl 3:10; Ja 2:10), and are deadly (Eze 18:4; Ro 6:23); every sin loses its deadly effect when Christ, apprehended by faith, intervenes (Ro 8:l; 1 Jn 1:7, 9; 2:1–2).

In RCm, mortal sin is held to be that which deprives the soul of sanctifying grace and supernatural life (and so causes death to the soul), makes one an enemy of God, takes away the merit of all good works, deprives one of everlasting happiness in heaven, and makes him deserving of hell. It is a seriously wrong thought, word, deed, or omission of which one is mindful and to which he fully consents. Venial sins are less seriously wrong (or seriously wrong sins which one believes to be only slightly, i. e., not seriously, wrong) and do not deprive of sanctifying grace. EL

See also Confession, 4; Sacraments, Roman Catholic.

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