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Sihler, Wilhelm

(November 12, 1801–October 27, 1885). 1. B. Bernstadt, near Breslau, Silesia; studied at Berlin 1826–29; influenced by F. D. E. Schleiermacher*; private tutor Breslau 1829–30; instructor at a private coll. Dresden 1830; hitherto a rationalist, he came under influence of J. G. Scheibel,* A. G. Rudelbach*; because of resultant confessional Lutheranism he found himself incompatible with the coll. at Dresden; private tutor in the Baltic area 1838–43.

2. Won through F. C. D. Wyneken's* “Notruf”; contacted J. K. W. Löhe*; to US 1843; preacher and teacher Pomeroy, Ohio, and vicinity 1844; ordained Ev. Luth. Joint Syn. of Ohio* and Other States June 1844.

3. Called to Fort Wayne, Indiana, spring 1845; withdrew from Ohio Syn. 1845 (see Document of Separation); pastor Fort Wayne, Indiana, and vicinity July 1845; fostered Christian educ. of the young.

4. Prominent in organization of the Mo. Syn. (see Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, The, I, 1–III, 2); as its first vice-pres. he was overseer of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan 1847–54. First pres. Cen. Dist. 1854–60 Helped est. a practical sem. (Nothelferseminar) at Fort Wayne, Indiana, and served as pres. and prof. 1846–61. Pres. of the teachers sem. that moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Fort Wayne 1857. Pres. and instructor Conc. Coll., Fort Wayne.

5. Works include Gespräche zwischen zwei Lutheranern über den Methodismus (Eng. tr. A Conversation Between Two Lutherans on Methodism); Lebenslauf von W. Sihler; Predigten über die Sonn-und Festtags-Evangelien des Kirchenjahres; Zeit- und Gelegenheits-Predigten; Predigten über die Sonn-und Festtags-Episteln des Kircheniahres.

W. Sihler, Lebenslauf von W. Sihler, I (St. Louis. 1879), II (New York, 1880); E. G. Sihler, “Memories of Dr. William Sihler (1801–1885),” CHIQ, V (1932–33), 50–57; L. W. Spitz, Life in Two Worlds: Biography of William Sihler (St. Louis, 1968); J. H. Jox, “Zum Ehrengedächtniss des am 27. October 1885 selig heimgegangenen Dr. W. Sihler, treuverdienten Pastors zu St. Paul in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Der Lutheraner. XLII (1886), 17–18, 26–28, 34–35, 42–43, 50–51, 59–60, 67–69, 83–84, 91–92.

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