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Norwegian Foreign Missions.

These include (1) The Norw. Mission Soc. (Det Norske Misjonsselskap), founded 1842 Stavanger. Union of socs. that sprang up in Norw. beginning with one in Stavanger 1826; till 1842 they cooperated with the Basel* Miss. Soc. and the Rhenish* Miss. Society. The state ch. and clergy remained almost entirely aloof from it; this led to The Norw. Ch. Mission by Schreuder (see 4). A miss. school, founded 1843 Stavanger, closed 1847, reopened 1858 (see also Missionary Institutes). Fields have included Zululand, Madagascar, China, Cameraon, Jap., Hang Kong, Taiwan. (2) The Norw. Miss. to Israel (Den Norske Israelmisjon). Continuation of Israels Venner (The Friends of Israel), a Luth. organization founded 1844 Stavanger. Fields have included Romania, Hung., Israel. (3) Santal Miss. of the Northern Chs. (Nordiske Santalmision). Founded 1867 NE India as a self-supporting venture by H. P. Börresen* and L. O. Skrefsrud* (both left the Gossner* Miss. Soc. in the 1860s) as Indian Home Mission to the Santals; also known as Benegaria Miss. (Benagaria; Bengarhia; so called after the place in Bihar that was prominent in the beginning of the work). Received regular support from groups in Norw., Den., and Gt. Brit. beginning 1876, in course of time also from Swed., and since 1892 from the US Reorganized 1958/59 as Northern Ev. Luth. Ch. After the 1947 division of India the E. Pakistan Ev. Luth. Ch. was organized. See also Asia, B 2; Bodding, Paul Olaf. (4) The Ch. of Norw. Miss. by Schreuder (Den Norske Kirkes Misjon ved Schreuder). Also known as Schreudermisjonen (Schreuder Miss.). Founded 1873 by H. P. S. Schreuder* as a mission of the Norw. state ch. (see 1) with Zululand, NE Natal, S Afr., as its field. The Norw. Luth. Ch. in Am. (ELC 1946; part of The ALC end of 1960) took over the miss. 1927, with Norway providing funds and manpower. Helped form the Ev. Luth. Ch. in S. Afr.SE Region (or Syn.) 1960 (see also Africa, B 5). (5) The Ev. Luth. Free Ch. Miss. (Den evangelisk-lutherske Frikirkes Misjon). Fields have included China, Taiwan, and Jap. (6) Norw. Luth. Miss. (Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband). Founded 1891. Fields have included China, N Manchuria, Jap., Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Tanganyika, Sumatra. (7) The Scand. Christian Miss. to Buddhists (Den Nordiske Kristne Buddhistmisjon). Founded in the 1920s. Supported by groups in Norw., Swed., and Den. Fields have included China and Jap. (8) The Norw. Miss. to Tibet (Den Norske Tibetmisjon). Founded 1938. Fields have included Tibet and Nepal. (9) The Norw. Miss. Among Muslims (Den Norske Muhammedanermisjon). Founded 1940. Fields have included India and W. Pakistan.

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