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Missionary Institutes.

Jesuits est. a sem. for miss. training 1542 in Coimbra, Port., Carmelites in Rome 1613; the Collegium Urbanum, organ of the Sacred Cong. for the Propagation of the Faith (see Curia) was est. in Rome 1627; there was a Dutch Ref. miss. sem. in Leiden 1622–32; J. Jänicke* est. a school 1800 in Berlin in which ca. 80 missionaries were educ.; the Basel* Miss. Soc. opened a sem. 1816; the Barmen Miss. Soc. (see Rhenish Mission Society) est. a preseminary 1825, enlarged it to a full sem. 1827; the Dresden Ev. Luth. Miss. est. a school 1832, moved to Leipzig 1848 (see Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission); the Gossner* Miss. Soc. opened a sem. 1836; the Norw. Miss. Soc. est. 1843 at Stavanger a school which was closed 1847, reopened 1858 (see also Norwegian Foreign Missions); a training institute was est. 1861 at Steeden, Ger., under leadership of F. A. Brunn*; a Dan. miss. school opened 1862 near Copenhagen, closed several yrs. later as a result of dissension; the Finnish* Miss. Soc. est. a school 1862; the Swed. Miss. Soc. est. a sem. at Johannelund 1863 (see also Swedish Missionary Societies); the Breklum* Miss. Soc. opened a sem. 1876, dedicated its Miss. House 1877; other institutes were est. later. See also Walaeus, Antonius.

Miss. institutes in Am. are gen. attached to theol. sems.; some chs. use univs. for preparation in such areas as anthropology. The ecumenical* movement has encouraged cooperation in training miss. personnel.

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