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Luther Theological Seminary.

1. Luther Theol. Sem., St. Paul, Minnesota; est. 1869 as Augsburg Sem. (see 4), which united 1963 with Luther Theol. Sem., St. Paul. The latter was est. 1876 by the Norw. Syn. (see Evangelical Lutheran Church, The, 8–13) as a “practical” sem. at Madison, Wisconsin; “theoretical” dept. added 1878 (moved to Madison from St. Louis, Missouri); moved temporarily to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the 1880s; to Robbinsdale, Minnesota, 1889; to the Hamline section of St. Paul 1899; merged 1917 with the United* Norw. Luth. Ch. in Am. sem. (see 4) and Hauge's Norw. Ev. Luth. Syn. (see Eielsen Synod) sem. to form Luther Theol. Sem., St. Anthony Park, St. Paul; ELC 1917–61; since 1961 one of the 4 units of The ALC sem. Augsburg* Theol. Sem. of the Lutheran* Free Ch. united 1963 with Luther Theol. Sem. on the latter's campus. See also Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary; Red Wing Seminary.

2. Luther Theol. Sem., Saskatoon, Sask., Can. See Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon, Sask., Can.

3. Luther Sem. of the Joint Ohio Syn., St. Paul, Minnesota See Ohio and Other States, The Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of, 8.

4. Luther Sem. (Norw.), St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minnesota Founded 1890 in connection with formation of The United* Norw. Luth. Ch. in Am., by merger of the Anti-Missouri* Brotherhood sem., Northfield, Minnesota; parts of Augsburg* Theol. Sem., Minneapolis; and Augustana Sem., Beloit, Iowa (begun 1874 at Springfield, near Decorah, Iowa, by the Scand. Ev. Luth. Augustana Syn. of N. Am., moved 1876 to Marshall, Wisconsin, 1881 to Beloit, Iowa, across the state line from Canton, South Dakota). The United Ch. sem. was located 1890–93 in Augsburg Sem. bldgs., after that in temporary quarters, then in more permanent quarters in Minneapolis, and moved to St. Paul 1902; merged 1917 with other schools (see 1) to form Luther Theol. Sem., St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minnesota

See also Ministry, Education of, X–XI.

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