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Lutheran World Federation, The.

Conditions after WW I, relief work by Luths. of the US and other countries, and increased contact bet. Luths. in various parts of the world created desire for meetings in which all Luths. would be represented and where issues of common interest could be discussed. The Allgemeine* Evangelisch-Lutherische Konferenz and the NLC were among leaders whose efforts led to the 1st Luth. World Conference 1923 Eisenach, Ger., which est. the Luth. World Conv. (Lutherischer Weltkonvent); chm. L. H. Ihmels.* The 2d Luth. World Conv. met 1929 Copenhagen, Den.; the 3d 1935 Paris, Fr.; the 4th was to be held 1940 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but was postponed because of WW II and held 1947 in Lund, Swed. A const. was adopted and the name changed to The Luth. World Federation. 1964 Const.: Art. II: “The Lutheran World Federation acknowledges the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the only source and the infallible norm of all church doctrine and practice, and sees in the three Ecumenical Creeds and in the Confessions of the Lutheran Church, especially in the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and Luther's Catechism, a pure exposition of the Word of God.” On the nature, functions, and scope of The LWF, Art. III of its const. says: “1. Nature. The Lutheran World Federation shall be a free association of Lutheran Churches. It shall act as their agent in such matters as they assign to it. It shall not exercise churchly functions on its own authority, nor shall it have power to legislate for the Churches belonging to it or to limit the autonomy of any Member Church. 2. Functions. In accordance with the preceding paragraphs, The Lutheran World Federation shall: (a) Further a united witness before the world to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the power of God for salvation. (b) Cultivate unity of faith and confession among the Lutheran Churches of the world. (c) Develop fellowship and cooperation in study among Lutherans. (d) Foster Lutheran interest in, concern for, and participation in ecumenical movements. (e) Support Lutheran Churches and groups as they endeavor to meet the spiritual needs of other Lutherans and to extend the Gospel. (f) Provide a channel for Lutheran Churches and grouos to help meet physical needs. 3. Scope of Authority. In accordance with its nature, function and structure, The Lutheran World Federation may take action on behalf of one or more Member Churches in such matters as they may commit to it.” The 2d LWF assera, was held Hanover. Ger., 1952; the 3d Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1957; the 4th Helsinki, Fin., 1963; the 5th Évian-les-Bains. Fr., 1970; the 6th Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1977; the 7th Budapest, Hungary 1984.

See also Lutheran World Service; Radio Voice of the Gospel.

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