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Lutheran Laymen's League, International.

LCMS auxiliary organized June 22, 1917, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as Lutheran Laymenls League. Furpose: To aid LCMS in word and deed.

A $100,000 syn. debt led to organization of the LLL. A group including A. H. Ahlbrand,* J. W. Boehne,* B. Bosse,* A. G. Brauer,* H. W. Horst,* T. H. Lamprecht,* E. Seuel,* and F. C. Pritzlaff* met at the latter's home and launched a successful effort to liquidate the debt.

As a thankoffering at the close of WW I, the LLL began collecting a $3 million Endowment Fund to support superannuated and infirm pastors, teachers, profs., and their widows and orphans. By June 1923 the LLL gave the Mo. Syn. more than $2,300,000.

The LLL helped est. KFUO (see Radio Stations, Religious, 3) and the (Internat.) Luth. Hour (see Radio and Television Evangelism, Network, 5–7).

The LLL began pub. Leader's Guide 1943 (quarterly for LLL-affiliated clubs); inaugurated laymen's seminars 1943 (discontinued 1971); began providing scholarships to Valparaiso (Indiana) U., 1944; produced its 1st feature film, Youth for the Kingdom, 1944; initiated an LLL memorial campaign for classroom-administration bldg. at Valparaiso U. 1947; began operation of a Luth. hosp. at Vicksburg, Miss., 1949 (returned to doctor donors 1954).

A program of aid in placing Luth. workers began in the early 1950s. In 1952 The Lutheran Layman, official LLL pub. (begun July 1929 as Lutheran Laymen's League Bulletin [name changed April 1933]), adopted newspaper format. In the 1950s the LLL also cooperated with LCMS in planning a program for enlisting and training the laity.

“The Family Worship Hour,” a radio program, was produced by the LLL 1954–71. Grants to the Conc. Hist. Inst., St. Louis, Missouri, for microfilming began 1954; summer study grants to pastors through Conc. Sem., St. Louis, Missouri, 1955; cosponsorship of the Youth Leadership Training Program at Valparaiso U. 1956.

The LLL added a club services dept. 1956. In 1958 a full-time music dir. was employed. A field services dir. was added for “The Lutheran Hour” 1962, for the LLL 1963.

Having formerly rented space at CPH, the LLL dedicated its own headquarters in St. Louis in April 1959; an expansion wing was dedicated October 1971.

In 1961 the LLL initiated “Preaching Through the Press,” advertisements in publications with wide circulation. EFK

Name changed 1973 to International Lutheran Laymen's League.

See also Laymen's Activity in the Lutheran Church.

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