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Luther, Liturgies of.

At the urging of N. Hausmann,* M. Luther* in December 1523 pub. Formula missae et communionis pro ecclesia Vuittembergensi, an account of the ev. mass which omitted the sacrifice of the mass. It included Introit; Kyrie; Gloria in excelsis; Collect; Epistle; Gradual and/or Hallelujah; Gospel; Nicene Creed; Sermon; Preface; Consecration; Sanctus (including elevation of the elements during the Benedictus for the sake of the weak); Lord's Prayer; Pax; Distribution during Agnus Dei (the pastor communicating first himself and then the cong.); Collect; Benedicamus; Benediction; all in Lat., except sermon in the vernacular; vernacular hymns also to be included.

Multiplication of Ger. masses led to demand for a standard order of service. On October 29, 1525, Luther's 1st completely Ger. mass was held in Wittenberg; it was fully introd. December 25, 1525, and appeared in print 1526 as Deudsche Messe und ordnung Gottis diensts. Included: Hymn or Ps, Kyrie, Collect, Epistle, Hymn, Gospel, versified Creed, Sermon, paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer and admonition to communicants, Consecration and distribution of bread, Ger. Sanctus (“Jesaia, dem Propheten, das geschah”) or Hymn, Consecration and distribution of wine, Ger. Agnus Dei (“Christe, du Lamm Gottes”) or Hymn, Collects, Aaronic benediction.

Luther also prepared liturgies for occasional services (see Baptism, Liturgical, 3; Marriage Liturgy).

See also Chant; Liturgics.

Luther's Works, Am. ed., LIII, ed. H. T. Lehmann and U. S. Leupold (Philadelphia, 1965), 3–188; WA 12, 31–37; 19, 44–113.

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