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Name of 3 electors of Brandenburg. 1. Joachim I Nestor (Cicero Teutonicus; 1484–1535). Elector 1499–1535; father of 2; founded U. of Frankfurt an der Oder 1506; opposed M. Luther; helped organize League of Dessau.* See also Pack, Otto von. 2. Joachim II Hektor (1505–71). Elector 1535–71; son of 1; Prot. 1539. See also Interim, I. 3. Joachim Friedrich (1546–1608). Elector 1598–1608; son of John* George, elector of Brandenburg; bp. Havelberg 1553, Lebus 1555; 1st ev. abp. Magdeburg 1566–98; disbanded cloisters; removed RC ceremonies; unwillingly yielded to requests of Magdeburg nobility to introd. FC; desired union bet. Luths. and Ref.

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