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Term of unknown origin; applied ca. 1560 to Fr. adherents of the Reformation. Fr. Prots. had received support of Margaret* of Navarre, a lukewarm RC G. Roussel* and J. Lefevre* d'Étaples were leaders in reform movement. Circulation of Lefevre's Bible tr. throughout Fr. helped gain followers. Efforts of J. Calvin* furthered the success of Fr. Prots. Soon persecution began (see France, 8). Huguenots, reckoned by some as one-third of the pop., resisted under leadership of Anthony of Bourbon (Antoine de Bourbon; 1518–62; b. Picardy; king of Navarre 1555–62; vacillating in religion; finally joined RC Ch.), Louis I de Bourbon (Prince de Condé*), and G. (II) de Coligny.* Exile, imprisonment, execution, prohibition of worship, and other forms of persecution caused many Huguenots to emigrate to Holland, Eng., Ireland, Am., Switz., Ger., and other countries. Wars and unrest continued till 1789. See also France, 9–11; United States, Religious History of the.

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