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Harmony of the Gospels.

1. Work that combines into a continuous narrative the accounts of the 4 Gospels (see also Diatessaron). Works of this kind include that of Tatian*; Augustine* of Hippo, De consensu euangelistarum; J. de Gerson,* Monotessaron; A. Osiander* the Elder, Harmoniae evangelicae libri iiii; J. Calvin,* Harmonia ex tribus Euangelistis composita, Matthaeo, Marco et Luca; M. Chemnitz,* P. Leyser* the Elder, and J. Gerhard,* Harmonia qaatuor evangelistarum.

2. Work exhibiting the text of the Gospels in parallel columns to show agreement or differences. Works of this kind include the tables, or canons, of Eusebius* of Caesarea; J. J. Griesbach,* Synopsis Evangeliorum Matthaei, Marci et Lucae; R. Anger, Synopsis evangeliorum Matthaei, Marci, Lucae, cum locis qui supersunt parallelis litterarum et traditionum evangeliorum Irenaeo antiquiorum; W. M. L. De Wette* and G. C. F. Lucke,* Synopsis evangeliorum Matthaei, Marci et Lucae cum parallelis Joannis pericopis (based on Griesbach); L. F. C. v. Tischendorf,* Synopsis Evangelica; W. G. Rushbrooke, Synopticon; E. Robinson, A Harmony of the Gospels in Greek and A Harmony of the Four Gospels (Eng.); A. Huck, A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels, rev. H. Lietzmann and F. L. Cross; Synopsis quattuor evangeliorum locis parallelis evangeliorum apocryphorum et patrum adhibitis, ed. K. Aland; E. D. Burton and E. J. Goodspeed, A Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels for Historical and Critical Study; A. Fahling, A Harmony of the Gospels.

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