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1. This syn. regards itself as the spiritual successor of the Norw. Syn. that was organized 1853 (see Evangelical Lutheran Church. The, 8–13).

2. The minority which disagreed with the Madison* Settlement of 1912 and the Austin Settlement 1916–17 organized The Norw. Syn. of the Am. Ev. Luth. Ch. 1918, joined the Syn. Conf. 1920, adopted the name Ev. Luth. Syn. 1958, and withdrew from the Syn. Conf. 1963 because of doctrinal differences.

The group originally numbered ca. 13 voting pastors and a number of congs. During the first 10 yrs. the young men of the syn. received their training for the ministry and for teaching in the ch. at institutions of the Missouri and Wisconsin Syns. Since 1927 the Norw. Syn. owns and conducts Bethany Luth. Coll. and (since 1946) Theol. Sem., Mankato, Minnesota Christian day schools are operated in the syn. Official pub.: Lutheran Sentinel.

3. The syn. has, esp. in the 1st yrs. of its existence, tried to reach as many individuals and smaller groups as possible who found themselves alone after the 1917 merger. Gradually the synod's work fell into the normal groove of est. home and for. miss. work. The syn. cooperated with the Ev. Luth. Synodical* Conf. in colored missions in Am. and Nigeria. SCY

Pres.: Bjug Harstad (pres. pro tem., 1917; 1918–21); George Albert Gullixson (1921–26); Christian Anderson (1926–30); Helge Matthias Tjernagel (1930–34); Norman A. Madson (1934–35); Christian A. Molstad (1935–37); Henry Ingebritson (1937–42); Norman A. Madson (1942–46); Adolph M. Harstad (1946–50); C. Monrad Gullerud (1950–54); Milton H. Otto (1954–56); Milton Tweit (1956–62); Theodore A. Aaberg (1962–63); Joseph N. Peterson (1963–66); Juul B. Madson (1966– ).

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