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Eck, Johann

(Johann Maier, or Mayer; 1486–1543). B. Eck (now Egg) on the Günz, Swabia, Ger.; d. Ingolstadt; RC controversialist; educ. Heidelberg, Tübingen, Cologne, and Freiburg im Breisgau; at Freiburg came under the influence of Ulrich Zasius (1461–1536; humanist, and jurist); prof. Ingolstadt 1510–43. On friendly terms with M. Luther* 1517; soon turned against him; pub. Obelisks against Luther's theses 1518; Luther answered with Asterisks. The Leipzig* Debate was a turning point in the Reformation. Eck was unsuccessful in his plan to burn Luther's books (J. Reuchlin* opposed him at Ingolstadt). Wrote De primatu Petri adversus Ludderum ca. 1519 and went to Rome to get papal action against Luther; Leo X (see Popes, 20) issued the bull* Exsurge, Domine (see Luther, Martin, 13; Reformation, Lutheran, 9), which threatened Luther and others (e.g., W. Pirckheimer* and L. Spengler*) with excommunication. In 1530 Eck wrote 404 articles against Luther and his co-workers and was one of the main authors of the RC Confutatio (see Lutheran Confessions, A 3). Attended various colloquies (Hagenau* 1540, Worms* 1540, Regensburg* 1541). Issued a Ger. tr. of the Bible; other works include many treatises against Luther. See also Switzerland. 2.

T. Wiedemann, Dr. Johann Eck (Regensburg, 1865).

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