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(Evangelical-Protestant; Dowieites). Followers of J. A. Dowie,* who organized the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion 1896, supposedly on the plan of the apostolic ch. He bought ca. 10 sq. mi. of land on Lake Michigan 42 mi. N of Chicago and 1901 founded there a partly religious, partly industrial community called Zion City, of whose financial and ecclesiastical affairs he had complete control. He est. schools, a coll. and many industries. He had extraordinary success both as bus. mgr. and religious leader, assuming the title “Elijah the Restorer” 1901 and “First Apostle” 1904. He demanded of his followers repentance of sins and faith in Christ, but the most prominent tenet was that of faith healing, he himself claiming to possess remarkable powers. He held that all diseases are produced by the devil, and as Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, so this power is still bestowed today. Other tenets were baptism by immersion; millenarianism; abstinence from pork, tobacco, and intoxicating liquors. Dowie est. branches in other states and sent missionaries to other countries. After failure of miss. campaigns in New York City and visits by Dowie to Eng. unrest developed; Dowie was accused of immorality and mismanagement and deposed 1906. He was succeeded in office by W. G. Voliva.* Zion City ceased to be an exclusive community. Principles were modified, and chs. and indep. businesses welcomed. The Zion Conservatory of Music and Art attracts many students unaffiliated with the ch. The Zion Passion Play, first presented 1935, attracts many visitors. Periodical: Leaves of Healing.

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